huh, imagine..
2005-05-31 13:51:59 ET

Now that I am dropping off the internet radar I am picking up the slack and joining more and more web communities...
tsk tsk

Done with my first semester of college and as expecected it went terribly.
I am midst the beginning of a tri-relationship friendship that is getting more interesting/fucked by the moment.
ah polyamory, how confusing you are.
I will be driving cross country with these two people come june 22nd.. so maybe something will be worked out by then. I am guessing not. It will make for interesting road trip or we'll all hate each other by the end.
I was having disturbing dreams and now they have tapered off, or I am remembering them less. either one is fine with me as long as I don't continue to have them.

2005-05-31 14:40:40 ET

polyamory is so so hard. especially when you spend all your time with both people.
also, if you're coming towards dc, let me know.

2005-05-31 15:05:02 ET

wish I was.. we're taking route 66 to chicago

2005-05-31 18:31:58 ET

whats POLYAMORY!? sounds..lovely. why did college blow it this semester? i though you'd kick butt with KARATE!

2005-06-14 12:08:16 ET

"My girlfriend's girlfriend."

I'll give you a cookie if you know who that song is by.

2005-06-14 22:54:14 ET

i don't know honey, but I love you!

2005-06-17 08:39:28 ET

Type O Negative!

2005-06-22 09:06:26 ET

do i still get a cookie?

2005-06-23 21:29:23 ET

hehehe... *restrains self from making a sophomoric comment about my cookie*


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