2005-09-23 12:26:50 ET

seatle is much more awesome than san francisco and its fucking cheeper.
why is it just now that I am figuring this all out.

2005-09-23 12:28:29 ET

I <3 Seattle!

2005-09-24 02:59:37 ET

And it's only 2 or 3 hours from Vancouver (BC, not Washington) and it's even more cheaper there!

2005-09-24 13:34:08 ET

Seattle is beautiful if you don't mind grey.

2005-09-25 12:43:00 ET

you should have discussed this with me before. i could have gone quite in depth and you wouldn't have had to figure it out for yourself long after it was too late.

2005-10-02 07:42:52 ET

well, damn ben
I had to discover it for myself, I guess

2005-10-05 22:20:32 ET

shit, I should move to seattle.... SF/bay area is ridiculous, I can't believe i've survived here for so long!

2005-10-06 10:31:03 ET

i can't believe anyone god damn survives here
i barely do

2005-10-06 10:31:37 ET

but you live in oakland.
thats better than sf

2005-10-08 13:51:34 ET

yeah, but not much different.

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