2005-11-16 14:46:02 ET

at work today this dumpy white woman came in wearing an NAACP t-shirt.
My immediate thought was "I thought that stood for the national aassociation for the advancment of colored people?"
She was also reading a book.
It was about three young black men who lived in the ghetto's in New Jersey and made it out as doctors.
They all made a pact in high school to become doctors. and they did it.
True Story.
See capitalism isn't so bad!
Some of you get to make against all the odds!

What the weirdest past is that she didn't look like she was living a rich lifestyle to any extent, yet she seemed wrapped up in someone elses identity politics and petty bourgeousie idealism?

this is a strange world.

I guess its pretty awesome she feels welcome to wear that t-shirt.
I wish this topic was less touchy and better for everyone.

on that note


2005-11-16 16:03:20 ET

each year at our school we have a day called COMMUNITY DAY.. which was actaully.. today. we as a school pretty much devotes a day to being a family and just talk and grow as peers/teachers with one another. its a great day and we hug.. we hug a lot.


2005-11-21 23:03:14 ET

I haven't seen you on here for awhile!

2005-12-02 15:37:31 ET

You never know. Maybe she volunteers for the NAACP?

That and why can't a white person wear a T-shirt for a cause they support?

2006-01-07 13:34:42 ET

it was just weird and surreal

It is fine with me.
I actually wish that I had a NAACP t-shirt

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