bada boom
2006-01-31 16:04:12 ET

had my tonsils out.
had a anxiety attack.
both set me back.

thats okay.
I am really enjoying organizing with the ISO. I am so glad I found an organization. No, I am so glad I found this organization. So much undirected and unorganized anger now has a place to be directed.
I like running into people on the bus who want the paper. I like running into people all over who I can have cohesive conversations with about politics and the current state of the world.
I am very inspired by Hamas right now.
My classes are great.
My family is great.
My friends are great.

to do-
keep updating this journal
find a therapist/learning disability coach
bleach roots
organize sw sales and send in money
read black liberation and socialism
read sw
ask for help
accept said help

yes. so yes.

sexual endeavors-
I have a retardedly huge crush on my co-worker shannon. It would be so nice to kiss her more. I would enjoy dating her and maybe even having a relationship with her. Relationship is really relative to the situation. I guess I would like to be closer to her and experience intamacy with her sexualy. That's sounds cheesy, but it's true. oh women, they make me want to love them.

2006-01-31 16:22:21 ET

Ugh. Amen.

Camille, in case you have not heard this recently, you are an excellent person.

2006-02-01 13:51:05 ET

thanks rikki

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