plan ahead
2006-02-10 16:26:02 ET

In a year to year and half
I plan to move to Portland...

today is february 11th 2006

to do-
In March-
Go to Portland, it might not be great like youu think

In a year(or around that, give 3-6 months)-
buy car/motorcycle
get rid of crap
get dog
get job up there
Enrole in Welding cert. program
Move out there.


I am excited to do this, Lets hope I continue to feel that way.

2006-02-10 17:15:39 ET

<3 Girls who weld.

2006-02-15 15:33:59 ET

wow. moving to portland, huh? gimme a ring when you're in town.

2006-02-15 18:20:59 ET

I will I will

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