again, again
2006-11-12 09:23:38 ET

So I think I am going to go to local union 104 (sheet metal workers union) and pick up an application, Fill it out and hopefully start an apprenticeship. This is scary but I want to do it and I am going too.
This means several thing.
-NO more dying my hiar crazy ass colors that I love.
-NO more piercings in my face.
-NO more eating badly.
-That I have to get in shape so I can do the work that is required of me.

I know that me being a woman will make it harder for me to get work. But fucking a will I be making alot more than I do at my two or three jobs that I have now. I have to get tough and strong so I can potentialy stand up for myself in the event of sexist fuck picking on me. I can do this.

2006-11-12 09:25:10 ET

i dont things are so much like 'north country' now but i'm sure shit like that still happens. good luck with the app.

2006-11-12 09:43:16 ET

You'll be a kick-ass sheet metal worker, dude. I know it.

2006-11-12 09:59:23 ET

Fuck yeah! That seriously seems like an awesome job to me.

2006-11-12 14:48:52 ET

Sometimes we sacrifice some aesthetics for some gawd damn badassness

2006-11-14 17:12:05 ET

thanks for the support folks!
the woman in the union office seemed like she was surprised/glad the application was for me.

2006-12-06 20:01:21 ET

I should get into sheet metal...

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