2007-07-07 07:39:42 ET

so rix</rix> claimed she would "forcibly grumble from a distance" If I did not update this thing. so here goes.
I am working as a sheet metal apprentice at a job site building a lab for a UC. Sheet metal is vetalation and heating systems for everyone who is like "sheet metal??...." It's some other stuff too but mostly thats what I will be doing, installing or fabricating (bending mostly) duct work. I like it, it's nice to have steady hours and a real weekend. It's also just a job really and since I am the lowest paid person on the crew right now I get to do alot of shit work. at any rate, I am not going back to school any time soon. I will update more later.

2007-07-07 23:04:50 ET

;) Good to hear from you.

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