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2008-08-23 12:52:20 ET

Hot Fuzz is hilarious. please everyone go watch. Also I don't know how but Simon Pegg is really hot in it.
Pineapple Express had me laughing so hard I cried. I walked into that movie having never seen a preview for it though. That might have had something to do with it.

I have several things floating around in my head.
1- two brilliant idea's for web comics.
One is based on awkward/hilarious stories of sexual and romantic mishap names Case Studies of Crush Inertia.
The other is still just an idea, somewhat less formulated.

2- I have finally accepted that I have ADHD. what that means exactly is still somewhat of a mystery to me. I know what it is and why it exists and even various treatments for it. What I mean to say is that I am not sure what that means for me.
Life is all a grand experiment I suppose.
Right now I am trying medication that is somewhat related to ridalin. I am skeptical.
I read this book that compares the traits of those with adhd to those living in a hunter gatherer society. The author went on to explain that there even seems to be a specific gene set. He argued that there is nothing really wrong with these "disordered people" That they just happen to be in a part of history where the social structure isn't set up to suit this said gene set.
As a materialist, I am inclined to believe this. However it pisses me off. I've been told most of my life that I'm stupid, lazy, wrong. I was failed, beaten, yelled at, made fun of etc because I was all those things.
I wanted it all to be wrong. I wanted to be smart. To do things right. Not be a fuck up. Go to college. Make things that mattered. Do something that would help me and help the people I care about.
It was all wrong. But all those things said to me and done to me are left to me now. To clean up after in a way. I have pieces to pick up here and there are still things to break in front of me.
This in no way means I think I should live in a forest or plain somewhere hunting with my bare hands. It just means I need to think hard and deep about what I can do. Accepting that some things will be hard for me. Knowing too that I may be better at some things that other people suck at.

3- I have an address in portland and i registered for classes. Now all I need is a job. I guess.

4- I am going to a swingers club tonight. Wish me luck...? I'm excited yet also want to laugh. I hope I don't laugh in someones face tonight.

2008-08-24 03:30:58 ET

I totally have a little bit of a crush on Simon Pegg.

2008-08-25 11:00:16 ET

good. me too.

2008-09-09 08:06:18 ET

But I've been accused of having a fetish for odd, older British men. Alan Richman, Gary Oldman, and David Bowie all also being crushes of mine.

2008-09-09 09:46:30 ET

i can agree with all of those men being attractive. sean pegg isn't old. so he can't go in that category anyway

2008-09-09 10:26:11 ET

He's old compared to us, you Lolita Hooker. :-P

2008-09-10 11:42:29 ET

he ain't that old. fuck you

2008-09-10 22:17:57 ET

Hey, man. I just copped to being hot for much older dudes.

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