fuck capitalism
2008-09-29 14:01:02 ET

I mean seriously.
Today I was in San Francisco getting ready to drive back to Poertland with two of my most favorite people. I put quarters in the meter and checked the time. I came out to my car 5 minutes after my time was up. Maybe ten.

I had a mother fucking boot
I dished out 915$ to get the boot off. Fucking assholes. I feel robbed.
I was already pissed about the economy, the war, the sub-prime mortgages shit (my aunt and cousin were homeless for bit cause of that shit).

now this?
All of my money for the month I spend on the fucking shit.
fuck capitalism. seriously.
this shit sucks.

ps- anyone want to jizz out some personnel responsibility bullshit they can go fuck themselves and save it for someone who cares what your right wing ass thinks.

2008-10-01 02:02:04 ET


2008-10-03 11:13:10 ET

...thats....not capitalism.

2008-10-03 13:52:23 ET


Was that a pile up of other fines and taxes or what?

2008-10-06 11:27:51 ET

stillbjorn- yes,thats true. But taxes and fines suck. I would rather see a system that didn't have them.
subsonik-it was. yes. It's not like I planned on not paying them I just never had enough money. That 900 was the cost of 5 tickets and the boot. The city of sf has a deficit that they have been trying to make up for by cracking down really hard on ticketing fines. Thats there strategy. so people like me who havn't been paid well for a long time get fucked.

2008-10-06 11:42:56 ET

ah. in my experience as an underpaid retail monkey, I find that the best way to deal with fees and fines is to just not accrue them to begin with.

2008-10-06 13:23:18 ET

That is actually, surprisingly I know, a very low amount of parking tickets. SF makes it pretty hard to get a permit. We weren't allowed to get them b/c we lived on a "commercial" street. I should never have gotten a damn parking ticket ever. I would have paid the god damned 80 fucking bucks a year if they had let me. but They wouldn't. I actually didn't remember that part of this until you mentioned that.
fuck san francisco
fo real

2008-10-06 14:15:59 ET

okay yeah, thats pretty bullshit then

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