heart broke fast
2008-10-13 14:25:17 ET

On saturday some friends of mine found a beautiful adorable year oldish puppy dog whom turns out is named Lily. My temporary name for her was shortie. She is a yellow lab boxer mix and at first I wasn't that into her but she won me over in less than three hours. For some fucking reason she is not fixed and the owner sounded like kind of a douche bag. I am really just bitter that he has come to take her back.

so my heart is a little broken. I should fucking know better than to get attatched to other people's dogs. fuck me.

2008-10-13 23:35:19 ET

Dude, this happened to me last year! I WANT A DOG SO BAD!

2008-10-14 12:54:07 ET

i cried. they weren't douche bags though. I felt better after they came and got her.

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