blew it
2008-10-28 11:28:27 ET

I think I am beyond feeling embarrassed or stupid anymore. Today on the way to class i did several hopeless retarded things. I left my house for the shuttle right when the shuttle is supposed to leave. I biked back home put my bike in the house hopped in my car and drove almost all the way there totally early....and I forgot my sketch book with my homework in it.
Today I was only 20 minutes late as opposed to an hour.

that's improvement, right?

the facts are that I am never on time. For anything. ever. I never have been, so I guess I should just accept it and stop kicking my own ass every time.

One thing is that I should start going on bike rides for fun instead of just using it as transportation, it might make life a little more tolerable.
Actually life is quite nice right now. aside from the normal insanity of an overbooked schedule.
Holy shit. The people in my nurses assisstent class are so fucking stupid. Very nice most of them, but traditional as hell and very very stupid.
para example- yesterday one woman was testing her stethescope by tapping the diaphram (the things thats cold when the dr touches you with it). She kept going "Why can't I hear anything, I don't understand." for a good 5-7 minutes before she realized that the ear pieces were STILL ON THE DESK. I mean, really. really?
good lord.

2008-10-29 23:29:48 ET

Ha. You are in a sit-com. Good news? You get to play the sassy but down-to-earth brunette.

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