boycott over
2009-09-18 23:10:31 ET

Okay, I'm back for more. I missed this place. Many things have changed. I have lived in Portland, Oregon for a year now. Early August I helped start a LGBTQ rights group and that is eating my social life alive. But, I tell myself, it will pass and someday soon I will have more time.

Exciting Things-
Guitar/Bass class. I will probably not do well b/c it involves practicing.

Drawing comics- I shall post them on the web. Possibly print some.

Making Pins for PERC (Portland Equal Rights Coalition) - I know, silly fucking acronym. But people seem to remember it and fuck it, I like campy shit.

Social Movements- Seem to be advancing. Nothing is inevitable, but I believe we are going to see some shit like the 60's pretty soon, starting with a demonstration here, sit in there and riot everywhere. Hopefully the labor movement will get its shit together. The National Equality March on October 11th will be a fair size if not huge.

Jesus Lizard is playing here very soon.

I am going to Washington DC for the National Equality March. I'm thrilled!

not so exciting-
I lost 20ish lbs this summer because I didn't have time to eat.
I think my stomach shrank as well, so I can't eat as much without feeling horribly nauseated.

In this depression masses of people will go hungry in this country while the Rich feed at the trough of "big go'vt". However, this creates a climate in which we can rebuild the foundations of the left that have been destroyed in reaction to the movements of the past.

We have a black family in the white house built by slaves but I met a man last week who was arrested for being black in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily, he's pretty pissed and I think he isn't going to take this lying down.

School begins Monday.

I feel pretty close to a fair size nervous breakdown.

But, everything is still pretty awesome. I love my partner and my room mates even though the are a little messy. I am starting to learn how to be more open about myself. People, it turns out, scare the shit out of me. They give me incredible anxiety. Or I give it to myself. It depends how you look at it. Somehow I need to train myself to not care what anyone thinks about me, without turning into a complete and utter dick. Which I am already in many ways.


I have decided to become a high school biology or health teacher. The idea of becoming a nurse became really really depressing to me since I now work in a Skilled Nursing Facility. For those not down with the lingo of the health care industry that means I work in hospice care (they die all the time, one of my fave's died last thurs) and it's basically an "nursing home". I like the old people a ton. The work they expect us to preform in an eight hour period of time is insane and I usually don't get to take my two 15 min breaks. I should, but I worry about the patients safety. I do not feel comfortable walking off the floor when I know no one is looking after my hall. 11 people depend on me to go to the bathroom, brush their teeth, eat dinner, be cleaned up if they soil themselves, make sure their hydrated and get them snacks.

It might not be the right job for me, but I think I can handle it. It sucks a lot less than being a construction worker. At this job I don't feel (well... as much) fear about being openly bi.

2009-09-19 11:55:05 ET

have you consulted your local UU ministry?

2009-10-08 19:37:20 ET

Welcome back. You were missed.

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