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2010-06-04 15:10:07 ET

It's official I'm back from the fucking dead. I know I declare this every so often but I believe this time its different.

Summer is on my doorstep and I intend to waste lots of time drawing, staring into space, drinking at the river and hiking with my hypothetical dog. Maybe I'll actually learn how to play music and speak spanish.

I started a summer to do list and I think it's pretty good

rock climbing
start a comic (for real)
attempt to play drums
read a book a week
save 1,000$
Sew hella shit back together
Get rid of everything i don't use. I have way too much fucking shit. It's driving me nuts. I don't even like most of it. I just keep it because it might be useful someday. EVERYTHING MUST FUCKING GO.

Make lots of art
Maybe be a "counsler"(?) at zine Camp
Camp as often as possible
listen to more music.

I started this list before the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. So I guess another summer project I have is figure out how we make the shit for brains oil slick fuckers pay for what they have done to OUR planet. I am so fucking pissed about this. The well is currently pumping out 1,000 fucking gallons of oil into the gulf and they THINK it MIGHT fucking end in August.

Are you mother fuckers serious? I hope you can't sleep at night and that you spend the rest of your fucking life in a maximum security prison.

look at what they have done.

I feel so sick about this. This changes everything people. The capitalists pigs have finally done something so catastrophic that it can't be covered up. My bet is that they'll want to use our fucking taxes to fund the cleanup instead of the huge profits BP and any oil company makes.

Not to fucking mention that it will probably change the color of the ocean which will have serious consequences when it comes to climate change.

i mean holy shit people. If this was ever a time to end capitalism it would be right fucking now.

whew. So besides all that bull shit, I've been doing pretty great. I'm starting to get my shit together and it feels good.

Another highly depressing thing is that my Dad has "undifferentiated head and neck" cancer. I'm just trying to be optimistic about that.

ps- if you like really fucking good hip hop check out Mia X. She's from New Orleans

2010-06-04 16:40:45 ET

I love/hate summer. It always feels like there's so much more I should be doing/seeing. Especially on a budget.

Are you going to try and make it to Meagan's wedding party thing?

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