Helinime tutun nefrete... ayrılımayız bız.
2005-01-22 07:52:30 ET

So yeah, what has this past week taught me?

Im a lazy, piece of SHIT. Im supposed to be studying school at home... havent touched the books for 3 weeks. I need to write letters home... havent done that since I got here. Im supposed to be on a diet... guess who had 2 etipuf, a candybar, tons of pretzels, and a shitload of cheese -- ME. I need to clean my room (our room)... welp, nope hasnt happened yet. And, I need to start leaving my boyfriend alone so he can do his thesis... guess who never leaves him alone? Me. Yep.

Im gonna go research to see if my cat is pregnant and clean my room. Blah.


2005-01-22 08:14:24 ET

you can feel your kitties tummy (extrememly gently) and tell if she's pregnant.


and studying is hard. i blew my diet this week to. I got too hungry.

2005-01-22 08:33:27 ET

what is an etipuf?
::hugs:: welcome to productive procastinators!

2005-01-22 08:39:47 ET

Siren: really? how is it supposed to feel like? Lumpy or how? Because for the past few days when Ive picked her up she feels heavy like a bowling ball and hard like shes full of helium... shes meowing like shes breathed helium actually. Maybe shes in heat??? Shes only 6 months old or so. Always trys to escape from the house too -- shes been successful lately. I saw another cat outside with her, she beat the crap out of him. She doesnt like boys very much. God I hope its just gas.

Yeah, studying is hard -- what do you study? See, the funny thing about my diet is I wasnt on a diet at all when I came to Turkey in August -- I lost 85 pounds from NOT eating cheeseburgers and pizza and stuff. So then, I was like "hey hey COOL! Lets eat wheat crackers instead of bread! OOh Im gonna drink some water with that and have a SALAD!" and poof -- Im almost half my size. So, I gained a little bit back (10lbs or so), and now I want it gone again, and its not working uggh!

Oh well, c'est la vie.

Klemmy: Etipuf is a marshmellow on top of a chewy chocolate ghramcracker covered in chocolate sprinkles. I can eat about 12 of them in 5 minutes, and that is very BAD.

2005-01-22 08:42:24 ET

OH MY GOD. i want one. it sounds like a smore minus the melting.

2005-01-22 08:42:43 ET

***grahmcracker... right?

2005-01-22 08:42:59 ET

yeah it kicks TOTAL ASS! AS a matter of fact, Ill take a picture of one for you and post it up here -- its total heaven. They also come in rainbow sprinkles, strawberry, and coconut!!!!

2005-01-22 08:43:57 ET

yeah melted marshmellow, choclate bar (preferably hersheys), and graham cracker.

2005-01-22 08:45:26 ET

oh my .. if she's meowing a lot and very loud ... and she's around 6 months ... then yes she's in heat. female cats usually go into their first heat right around 6 months.

and you can tell because when you gently feel/massage her tummy, you can feel the little babies.

and i'm studying political science/internation business.

and yeah ... i was trying to diet but umm i got too hungry the other day. and blew it all.

2005-01-22 08:45:41 ET

ahh, THATS how you spell it. Thanks :)

2005-01-22 08:50:09 ET

Siren: Yeah shes a meower. SOmetimes she follows me everywhere. She bites the heak out of my boyfriend and I. I switched her to lactose intolerant milk because she farts so bad. I hope its just heat. Shes all puffy like a balloon and ewwww yeah. Thanks!

cool hows your major going?? Im studying Turkish. Its bad because I cant get my ass in gear. :)

You know, I ate as much as I wanted all August and September, I just made sure to drink 3 tablespoons of applecider vinegar mixed in about half a cup of water a day, and I SERIOUSLY deflated. If you still wanna diet, try that -- I cup of vinegar is only like 40 cals or something.

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