poor misguided fools
2005-01-23 09:51:38 ET

Well, today was an interesting day indeed...

Didnt go to bed until 8:30am -- I woke up at 12:30. Cooked Oğuz breakfast, he complained of it being over cooked and full of eggshells (overcooked, yes but eggshells??...). Later, we went outside out of the dungeon (our ground floor shitty window apartment) to find about 5 inches of snow or so -- a snowball fight developed. We went inside, I was still angry about why I was up so late the night before (ie lover quarrel #1536 - "ewww my girlfriend just farted" "sorry, I have PMS"), and Oğuz wanted to know what was wrong, so you know, I told him -- I feel unappricated and unloved after the things I do that I really dont have to do for him. He apologizes, I cry, he wants to take me to the movies and dinner. I agree.

30 minutes later, we go to a café -- tavuk döner was eaten. Guys were looking at me, but I didnt realize it. We left to go to the movie nextdoor, Oğuz is angry wont tell me why. A scene develops, we finally go to the movie theater, sit down to see a Turkish comedy (it was really good). AFter the previews I took his hand, and just prayed to God that this wouldnt be like the last argument we had ("well you should just go back to America then"). He squeezes my hand tightly and whispers "Im sorry", I start to cry. Luckily enough for me, it was dark, there were lots of families with small children mumbling, and I had on waterproof mascara.

We started home -- everything had frozen over like ice (the people bridges, sidewalks, roads). We chatted about the movie, all seemed fine. I said...

B: Oğuz
O: hmmm?
B: why do you get so angry at me?

On and on -- it was a big misunderstanding it ends up. I originally sat myself across from and in eye view with 2 perverted guys -- that was not my intention and I had no idea, I just wanted to sit next to O. Upon getting the food I knew something was wrong, he wouldnt tell me (men), etc, etc. And yeah, we worked out every detail and now things are fine AND I AM HAPPY!

So yeah, just got an email from my mom and Gramma. Gonna start writing back (my emails are never just emails -- theyre usually at least 2 pages long). And yep. Gonna attempt hot chocolate I think -- wait, nevermind. No cocoa. Tumblefucker. Looks like tea... again.

Maybe I have some little lemon cookies at home to go with them? That would be nice... hmmmm

İyi geceler (goodnight), its 10:00pm here

2005-01-23 14:02:51 ET

mmm lemon cookies. how do you even say your boy's name?Oooze?

2005-01-24 02:42:21 ET

Yeah, I like lemon cookies.

"Oğuz" is said "OH-ooz" -- Im suprised you got the yumuşak g (yoo-moo-shack gay) right! (ğ) Most people guess "OH-gooz" or "oh-GOOSE". When we both get to America, things are definately going to be interesting.

TÜRKÇE BİLİYOR MUNUZ, KLEMMY?? Eğer bu doğru, oh-HA!!!! Çok güzel bu şey! :) :) :)

2005-01-24 05:43:03 ET

well i was looking at it phonetically and guesstimated. U could just call him Oz or something when u come to the states?

also, i have no clue what u just said in the ending.

2005-01-24 07:41:06 ET

Yeah, we could just call him Oz. But it might come out Oz as in "Ozzy" or "The Wizard of Oz" -- Im hoping the world can get it.

Türkçe biliyor munuz, Klemmy? Eğer bu doğru, oh-HA!!! Çok güzel bu şey!!! (Do you know Turkish, Klemmy? If its true oh-HA!!! Thats a cool thing!!!)

2005-01-24 07:42:14 ET

see, ozzy would be alright. or uzi. either way, there would be love.

i kno no turkish...that i know of. lol.

2005-01-24 07:57:34 ET

Maybe, he likes metal -- iron maiden, Manowar (have you ever heard of them? I hadnt until I came to Turkey -- SUPER popular here).

as far as not knowing any Turkish, well, lol... hmmm thats interesting, I bet you know some. Im gonna save that for my next post and investigate. I gotta go home and do lesson plans for my 11:30 intermediate English class ughhhh. Theyre really nice students, love them dearly. But lesson plans. Yuck. Im gonna have some Kara Deniz çay (Black Sea tea) too YAYYYY!

How's the book???

2005-01-24 07:59:49 ET

heard of them.
um still looking it over a third time.prolly gonna watch a movie soon to procastinate then acutally work.

2005-01-24 08:01:31 ET

ahh, procrastination... that thing I gotta fix

good luck! :)

2005-01-24 08:04:45 ET

yeah looking it over on page 39 of 191

2005-01-24 10:53:43 ET

Kolay gelsin abim

2005-01-24 11:09:16 ET

now 82 of 191.

2005-01-24 11:21:13 ET


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