late late freaking late HASIKTIR!!!!!!! (oh fuck)
2005-01-24 02:46:12 ET

Yep. Today is my private lesson with Ömer Bey (Mr. Ömer) and I am late. Cant go by foot, gotta take a taxi now. Uffff ya. Im so nervous -- we're doing prepositions today. Check it out (my worksheet):

Prepositions – IA: Introduction and formula
“from/of”, “to/towards”, and “at/in”

There are many prepositions in the English language. Prepositions help us better explain ourselves when speaking and help answer the basic question “where?”.

Türkiye’den geliyorum. = I am from Turkey.:

T ü r k i y e ’ d e n g e l i y o r u m.
Turkey from to come am I.

Köpekten korkuyorum. = I am afraid of the dog.

K ö p e k t e n k o r k u y o r u m.
the dog from/ to be am I.
Of afraid
Evime gidiyorum. = I am going to my house.

E v i m e g i d i y o r u m.
house my to to go am I.

Güneşe bakıyorum. = I am looking towards the sun.

G ü n e ş e b a k ı y o r u m.
the sun to to look am I.
Oğuz beni evimizde bekliyor. = Oğuz is at our house waiting for me.

O ğ u z b e n i e v i m i z d e b e k l i y o r.
Oğuz me for house our at to wait is.

Okulum Kızılay’da. = My school is in Kızılay.**

O k u l u m K ı z ı l a y ’ d a.
school my Kızılay in.

**note that the usage of “to be” is different in Turkish and English, and doesnt appear at all!!!

yeah so the copy and paste is all messed up, Ill fix it late to further educate SK with the joys of TUrkish. Oy uff ya.

Peki haydı gorüşürüz!!! (alright see you later)

<3 *tummy butterflies*

2005-01-24 04:24:30 ET

You'll do great :)

2005-01-24 06:06:13 ET

yeah you you go from german or spanish back to english you get that preposition problem. And less conjugating (or maybe it just seems easier in english...).
Ich habe geld nichts.litereally would be I have money no. but you make it: I have no money.

2005-01-24 07:51:38 ET

Athyra: Thank you :)

Klemmy: Prepositions are so screwy from lang to lang. Yeah, you see, between Turkish and English, here's the system Ive found:

Evime gidiyorum. = I am going to my house.

Ev|im|e| gid|iyor|um =
1 2 3 4 5 6

1 2 3 4 5 6
House|my|to to go|verb "to be" (am)|I

FOr this to make sense in English, it must be twisted thus so:
I am going to my house.
6 5 4 3 2 1

2=posessive adjective
5=verb "to be"
6=pronoun (or in Turkish's case, posession -- "I" is "Ben" in Turkish)

Yep. God I love this stuff -- sorry, I can get pretty passionate and nerdy about this stuff! :)

2005-01-24 07:58:50 ET

syntaxs can get sexy mreow.

2005-01-24 08:02:45 ET


2005-01-24 08:04:18 ET

u can start seducing Ooz (i cant do specially characters), and be in broken languages. he'll be all like UM YEAH and boom bada bing.

2005-01-24 10:56:33 ET

lol thats how we normally speak -- I try something in Turkish like "Şimdi napı munuz? Erm.. napıcam... napımış... napıyoruz... napıfuck -- boş ver." (Now what are we not doing? erm will we do? erm have we done... are we doing... napıfuck forget it"

Fun stuff.

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