Turkish toilet
2005-01-24 07:36:04 ET

The gallery "Turkish things" has been added to my page.

Enjoy :)

2005-01-24 07:43:53 ET

angular toilets. Ingenious yet odd.

2005-01-24 07:54:24 ET

incredibly -- but good, very very good. Especially if you're wearing a skirt. Sometimes the "take-off-your-pants-thing" is problematic. Some people can do it with pants ON -- nasıl? bilmiyorum (how? I do not know).

2005-01-24 09:23:01 ET

ive used something like that, but it was made of wood and had no plumming : (

2005-01-24 10:48:26 ET

ufff seriously? where??

2005-01-24 10:49:17 ET

called outhouse

2005-01-24 10:57:31 ET


2005-01-24 10:59:50 ET

in the old country (litterally), family that lived in the countryside of romania. yes its a outhouse.

2005-01-24 11:16:23 ET


2005-01-24 11:20:01 ET


2005-01-24 11:20:19 ET

yeah, once again TBF (total brain fart).

Vorbiti Româna?

2005-01-24 11:37:26 ET

da vorbesc, problema este cu nu pot sa scriu prea beane....

my romanian speaking is ok, but my typing/writing sucks, but i can read it!

2005-01-24 11:49:02 ET

hmmm... bine

Imi pare bine de cunostintâ! :) Ce mai faci? Timbre. Tot. Da. Nu. Unde este toaleta?? Noroc! :)

Yep and thats the end of my Romanian.

Thats really cool that you can read it!!! Id love to learn fully sometime.

2005-01-24 11:52:14 ET

id love to learn the language fully aswell.
its bad when you dont know the full alphabet of the language your are speaking half of the time.

lemme try to translate.

im glad to meet you/know you. how are you? everything. yes. no.
wheres the toilet? goodluck.

2005-01-24 11:55:30 ET

yayyy! your Romana isnt so bad ya!

Gotta fly -- gnight!!!!!! :)

2005-01-25 06:01:22 ET

haha remind me not to take a crap outside the hotel. fortunately major hotel chains standardise their toilets b/c buying bulks is good o_0

2005-01-26 05:29:07 ET

lol this is true -- my apartment has a normal toilet (luckily), but its rare to find the sit-down kind in public. You better pee where you know the (free) sit-down toilet is before you leave or else... yuck.

2005-01-26 05:33:19 ET

uhmmm to pee I will just stand thank you very much =P

2005-01-26 05:35:32 ET

men are so lucky.

2005-01-26 05:38:22 ET

... I <3 my penis

2005-01-26 06:57:46 ET

not really...it wakes up before we do, and it just pops up on it's own accord at times. And if it's not big, forget about it. Lucky, lil klemmy is a good size. or i'd hate him.

2005-01-26 06:58:43 ET

hehe no comment on litte sonik ;)

2005-01-27 02:30:18 ET


2005-01-27 14:06:08 ET

so he'd be Lil Subbie...lol...

2005-01-28 04:58:11 ET

you ever shake it and mistakely slap the side of the urinal? =P

2005-01-28 10:08:07 ET

ewww gross ya!

2005-01-28 10:11:00 ET

hahaha sorry

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