I love my job! :)
2005-01-26 06:00:47 ET

Well, yesterday I was supposed to have an 11:30 intermediate class, but it was canceled and I had a 1:30 pre-intermediate emergency "help-us-please-we're-gonna-fail-the-conversation-section" class.

So, in this class there were just 3 people (normally 5) - one guy: Erdal, and 2 girls: Pınar and Belma. So they come in, sit - I have 3 activities for them pre-written on the tahta (board) like this:


1.) Conversation in pairs
2.) Personal composition (spoken)
3.) Game: "20 Questions"

So, we have the conversation in pairs -- rather one big group because there were 3 of them, and it went well. We then moved onto the composition part. I posed the question "How was your Kurban Bayram? (what did you do, who did you do it with, and in which manner did you go about doing it?)" FYI: Kurban Bayram is the first feast of the Islamic year. The streets run with blood - they sacrafice sheep and cows and goats and eat them. Pretty cool stuff. Anyways...

The rules were as follows:
-The composition must be 5 sentences long minimum.
-They must use perfect past tense and continuous past tense in positive and negative forms.
-Please watch out for the usage of the articles a/an/the.

So, they write; Pınar and Belma read their essays. I then take the essays from them, write them on the board, and together we correct them. Next it was Erdal's turn. Erdal's essay read thus so:

"My Kurban Bayram was very good. I went back to (the name of his hometown like 6 syllabuls long) and helped father do the farm. We delivered the ships to poor. We murdered them there for people and put the ship on a plastic shit. Later we went back to the house and murdered our cow and also laid it on a shit. Later my mother took the murdered cow and cooked it. It was the best.

I... I... lmao Yeah, and you know, I couldnt... I almost couldnt NOT laugh -- he... ok ok -- in the ENglish language "ee" makes the sound that the Turkish "i" makes eeeeeeee. So, when he spelled "ship" he meant "SHEEP" -- not a vessel; and when he spelled "shit" he meant "sheet" like "plastic tarp/plastic sheet". Also "to murder" was what he mistook for "to sacrifice". So together, I explained to him "Erdal, İngilizce'de In English "shit" means "bok" (shit in Turkish). He said "oh... valla?? (really)" and I said "valla.". He then started laughing hysterically, and we finished the essay but oh my GOD.

I love my job -- everyday I leave laughing -- not out of disrespect for the students, but out of linguistical bliss.


So here's what he meant:

"My Kurban Bayram was very good. I went back to Bdakjsfdlkjs and helped father with his farm. We delivered sheep to the poor. We sacrificed them there for the people and put the sheep on a plastic SHEET. Later we went back to the house and sacrificed our cow and also laid it on a SHEET. Later my mother took our sacrificed cow and cooked it. It was the best.

*Cheers tonight to Erdal and all my other students at Batifen -- you rock for making my days brighter! :)*

And now, its off to the house to clean and work. Yay.

Haydı görüşürüz! (See you later)

2005-01-26 06:25:47 ET

ahahha much translations badly =)

2005-01-26 07:18:33 ET

that is rather funny. i was watching this european rally race and they showed this car with a broken windshield and the driver goes," We meet cow."

2005-01-26 07:37:38 ET

LOL thats horrible!

2005-01-26 07:46:54 ET

i kno, the whole windshield was out.

2005-01-26 07:59:03 ET

hihi, some very funny situations can rise from lingual misunderstandings :)

2005-01-27 02:27:58 ET

subsonik: translations bad muchly :)

klemmy: lol yeah, that kind of stuff is normal here. Like I say "do you speak English" and they say "yesssssssss" and I say "ok, do you know where this address is?" and they say "make left, you. Far go. Eat place at, right make you."

Athyra: Yeah, Im gonna TOTALLY remember Erdal and his shitty ship for the rest of my life lol :)

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