Today is preposition day! :) and Im late again!
2005-01-27 02:36:31 ET

And its off to Ömer's house again for the ever-so-fun PREPOSITION DAY! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

With my kickass worksheets and my too-big-for-my-feet boots. Gonna have to take a cab again though, because to walk I would have needed to leave like 5 minutes ago.

Late late late, the story of my life. Very late, and very slow, but somehow always on time and seeming quick in thought.

*butterfly tummies and a big gulp*

2005-01-27 05:44:29 ET

I'm usually running behind ...

I'm trying to keep that from happening

2005-01-27 05:54:19 ET

haha. "preposition day." that's great. have any of them seen school house rock? that's a rite of passage for American school kids.

2005-01-27 05:54:31 ET

"From now on ending a sentance with a preposition is something up with swich I will not put!"
-Winston Churchill

2005-01-27 10:35:30 ET

Siren: Yeah, that's how it is for me, erm, or was for me too rather. You know, I had a car and lived in the middle of the Western Pennsylvanian boonies -- I could just drive like really fast to work and not have to worry about any other cars really (just cute little rodent-type things like chipmunks and such). Since I have no car in Turkey and cant drive a stick (thats all they use here -- the automatic transmission is RARE here), I've been having to walk lately. But, you know, with the progression in my Turkish, Ive been able to learn how to get taxis. So, yeah, my excuse is now "trafik kötü dü (Traffic was bad), instead of (what should really be) "sometimes, I can be a lazy piece of shit.". I was doing so GOOD with the not being late thing... My new goal for next week is to NOT be late at all. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

analog sky: yeah, tomorrow is "My cat is fat day" for my elementary English students. Yani ("like" in Turkish -- god my brain is warped, I didnt delete it just because... Im now a Turko-American gah!) "'This is Captain Spanky my cat. Spanky is very fat. He sat on my yoga mat. I didn't like that...' Ok -- which words in this sentence RHYME?" I would LOVE to find a copy of School House Rock on VCD. That would so freaking ROCK -- or VHS whatever. But yeah, impossible in Turkey. And I cant order it, my credit card has been maxed (on accident... another long story. Turkey has this stupid thing called "taksit" to ruin every foreigner's credit history... sorry Im bitter -- ANYWAYS). It's definately a rite of passage -- I agree.

SubSonik: :) I like Winston Churchill :)

2005-01-27 11:00:30 ET

me too hehehe

2005-01-27 11:56:23 ET


2005-01-27 11:59:22 ET


check ... they did put all of that stuff into DVDs and videos. I think it might be under the name of TV something or the other ... hold on ... I'll go check.

2005-01-27 12:00:29 ET

Yeah ... they have it on DVD format ... just look up school house rock. It's a 30th anniversary edition. They have it in VHS too.

2005-01-27 12:12:58 ET

Note: when going to look something up like that it's customary to link the item since you're already looking at it just to be polite =P

2005-01-27 13:00:23 ET

Note: I'm a mental retard who can't make the link things on her own :) But when I get home and I have that fancy software thingy that does it for me ... I'll do it.

2005-01-28 05:08:33 ET

ROFL SK is great because you can just copy and paste the adress

Or type a href='' inside <_>'s then XXX and tthen /a inside <_>'s

2005-01-28 08:08:09 ET

uh-huh. sure.

2005-01-28 08:26:06 ET

hehehe not gonna remember that are you?

2005-01-28 09:28:27 ET

i might. maybe ....

i like my fancy schmancy software better :D

2005-01-28 09:29:28 ET

you know what fancy shmancy software will convert URLS into links for you? microsoft WORD!

2005-01-28 09:30:07 ET

:D it's fancy pants

2005-01-28 09:32:15 ET



2005-01-28 10:07:39 ET

Yay! Im gonna have to look for that! Thanks :)

2005-01-28 10:09:25 ET


I'll try and post the link thingy

2005-01-28 10:10:39 ET

yayyy! =p

2005-01-28 10:18:47 ET

thank you! :)

2005-01-28 11:04:44 ET

see ... i can do good things. LOL

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