2005-01-28 11:15:48 ET

Ok, so, before I left the States, I was told that I could only bring 5 CDs into the country. So I did -- customs didnt even check! Needless to say, Ive become quite accustomed to Turkish music -- mainstream.

So, here's my list of things that I am BEGGING you to download because Im so obsessed and I feel the need to share.

Obsession #1: PAMELA SPENCE

Pamela Spence is (from what I understand) half Turk, half native English speaker (from where, I dont know). Her first album was GREAT -- 80s dance albumish (which I really loved like SO much). She and her boyfriend did it in their basement with Midi. The guitars are real, but everything else came from Midi -- it was barely re-mastered at all, and I love it SOOO much. Her second album (and newest) is like pop/rock, but very unique. It doesnt sound like commercialized American pop/rock if you know what I mean (nothing against that -- me personally being a musician, I appricate all kinds of music... Im just sick of and bitter at Britney).

Things worth downloading:
- Tuhaf Sey ("Strange Thing" -- the BESTEST most fun song ever, I LOVE the accordian break followed by acoustic guitar. You MUST download this. Its a foot-tapper song.)
- Istanbul (see the lyrics posted "Istanbul seni kaybetmiş..." this is her newest single, and yeah I like it because of the bass drum. Yeah, Im easily pleased, I know. :p)
- Sunada Bak ("Look At This" -- the orgasm "ye beni ye beni/eat me eat me" song. Totally 80s inspired, I love it to death, especially the "ohhhhhmmmmm oh ne dudak!!!!/ohhhhmmmm oh what lips!!!")
- Ölüme Hasret (if you like country -- it reminds me of a country remix a la turka)
- Ayrilamayiz Biz (if you liked Tuhaf Sey)
- Eger Dinlersin ("If You're Listening" if you feel sad about anything, thats my I feel sad song, but its not a SUPER sad song. Just honest :))

Obsession #2: MOR VE ÖTESİ

I dont know much about this band, but I love their song "Cambaz" (Acrobat). It starts with the Turkish balama and then switches to rock, pretty cool song.

Things worth downloading:
- Cambaz (Acrobat)

Obsession #3: ATHENA

Athena is the first Turkish punk/ska band. They're really fun, I like them alot. They just recently won Eurovision for Turkey -- came in 3rd or 4th. Whatever song they sang, they sang it in English. I forget the NO NO I DONT FORGET THE NAME... I THINK its "For Real". Anyways I like them.

Things worth downloading:
- For Real

Yeah, and that's it. WAIT!

Obsession #4: DUMAN

no commentary needed, I just like 'em

Things worth downloading:
- Bu Aksam (Tonight)
- Oje (this one is REALLY cool -- I love the arrangements and stuff!)

Yep, so that's it.

Oh yeah, today was "My Cat is Fat Day", meaning, today with my elementary students we practised rhyming. Since my cat Spanky IS fat, it worked out perfect.

"My cat is fat.
He sat on my yoga mat (some of them didnt know "yoga mat", so I had to use "hat", but originally it was "yoga mat")
I didnt like that.
What a brat."

And, we've been working on tounge twisters "She sells sea shells by the sea shore" and, oh the fun, "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, a peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?". Yeah. I say it super fast and then they look at me with eyes so big that I think they're gonna fall out of their little Turkish sockets and roll away.

I'm posting a picture of my big fat cat in the album "My Cat is Fat Day" in tribute to this wonderful fatty-catty day, now coming to an end on my side of the globe.


2005-01-28 11:18:57 ET

why dont you just try to get a dj gig on the site?
then there is no need for downloading.

2005-01-28 11:26:38 ET

oooh... that would be really freakin COOL. But it would be all Turkish... "hey Sk, its time for birkizturkiyede's Totally Turkish Tunes Hour".

Its an interesting thought. But then there's the time difference thing, the "Im only avalible on certain days" and the fact that I'm always at an internet café. If I had my own PC, that would definately be cool though! :)

2005-01-28 11:43:34 ET

its not impossible i could happen.

i would apply for a radio show but i dont have a connection to the net, i just use my work connection and friends connections to get online.

2005-01-28 13:04:49 ET

wtf? There's a limit to the amount of cd's you can bring into Turkey ?! Or is that only if you are going to live there ?

2005-01-28 13:54:09 ET

i couldn't move to Turkey (i lost count of my collection after 300).

2005-01-29 10:23:10 ET

DY: Hmmm... I guess it could, but like I said, no net connection at home -- I have to go to an internet cafe

Athyra:Yeah, but the really stupid thing was that they didnt even CHECK at customs.

klemmy: ^^^^^^^ You could probably bring your whole collection therefore :)

2005-01-29 11:17:42 ET

hehehe, but you can bet your ass if you had brought more ;)

2005-01-29 11:56:02 ET

yeah with my luck, totally! :-D lol

2005-01-29 13:55:58 ET

i'd be going, yes they are absolutely necessary

2005-01-30 06:38:19 ET

lol yeah, Turkish customs was a joke. I came into the airport from the plane, and everyone was just kinda looking at me like "durrrr you dont cover your hair durrrrr".

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