ma-ia-HIIII!!!!! ma-ia-HOOOO!!!
2005-01-29 11:55:32 ET

So tired. And hungry. BLAHHHHH!

So, I had class today at 5:30 -- elementary level... the elementary class from hell.

Before going there and waking up at 12, I ventured out of the house exploring. I found some really good bread, then ventured on. Bought postcards to mail home. Found a vet for Fifi the cat. Then I ventured on to a store like Wal-mart called Migros. Bought Oğuz a new hat, some paper towels, and alphabet soup (a la turka -- gonna try it in a few minutes).

Took a cab home from there, got dressed for work, grabbed Fifi and ran to the vet. Fifi may be pregnant I find out. The doctor gives me a parasite pill to give Fifi because she keeps farting, burping, and shitting green. The whole thing cost me 7 YTL (about 4.50 dollars).

Came back home, changed my clothes because my pants broke. THEN I walked with Oğuz to work a bit -- we split when he reached the internet cafe. Took a cab from there to work, got there, had the class from hell. Well, not from HELL, it just didnt go well. Came home with a headache (walked home, the traffic noise didn't help). Then, dragged Oğuz to Beğendik (kinda like Target, a bit fancier, bigger), bought kedi kumu (cat litter), some canned food so Fifi can take her pill, and a new pooper-scooper (the old one magically disappeared...). Then, I parked myself here at the internet cafe. Been here for 2 hours or so, now I gotta go because its closing (almost 12am here). And a song stuck in my head: DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI by a Romanian group called 'the outlaws' (dont know it in romanian).

sunt eu, un haiduc,
Si te rog, iubirea mea, primeste fericirea.
Alo, alo, sunt eu Picasso,
Ti-am dat beep, si sunt voinic,
Dar sa stii nu-ti cer nimic.

Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei,
Nu ma, nu ma iei, nu ma, nu ma, nu ma iei.
Chipul tau si dragostea din tei,
Mi-amintesc de ochii tai...

maia HA HA!

Yeah, another song worth downloading :)

And now, Turkish practise:
Selam arkadaşlarım! Naber, Nasılsınız? İyi misiniz? Sizi Amerika'da ölüyorum. Mutluyum ama ÇOK mutluyum şimdi. Oğuz çok seviyorum, nışanlıyız. İşim çok güzel. Batifen İngilizce'de çalışıyorum. Normalde, bir hafta içinde yuzotuz dolar gelmiş. Ankara'da biraz depremler var dı, ama yok bir şey, iyiyim. Çok küçük tü. İnşallah Temmuz'da Amerika'ya gidiyorum. Tekrar, sizi ÇOK özlüyorum. Türkiye güzel, ama Amerika özlüyorum. Peki şimdi ders var ve internet cafe kapalıyor. İyi akşamlar, iyi günler - farketmez. Kolay gelsin. Kendine iyi bak. Sizi seviyorum ama ÇOK seviyorum! Bush salak bir adam.

Peki haydi görüşürüz (alrighty see you!)

2005-01-29 12:52:35 ET

huh ? I thought the name of the band was O-zone ?
But I see on this webpage:
that is says "by the Outlaws" Maybe they markeded themselves as O-zone in Europe. I kinda liked that song :) And the video is funny, one of the guys is really hot, the one with the sunglasses :)

2005-01-29 14:21:32 ET

you do realize almost none of us speak turkish...

2005-01-30 06:36:07 ET

Athyra: yeah, strangely enough that website link you posted was where I found the lyrics :) Hmmm the O-zone thing is possible. I just dig the numanumanuma yay part :) and the maieeeiHEEEEEEEE maieeeeeeeeeaHOOOOOOOOO part :)

klemmy: Yes yes of course :)

2005-01-30 14:36:20 ET

check out hizbollah by Ministry. it's in hebrew with an industrial/electronic background...of course there's always Rammstein (one of my friend's sisters thinks the whole band is German hunks) if german floats your boat....

2005-01-31 09:18:00 ET

oooh I know the "were all living in America cocacola wonderbra" song by Rammstein, but thats it. Ive never heard of Ministry, but will definately have to find some soon. Thx! :)

Any language floats my boat really (Im a nerd, its what I DO).

2005-01-31 09:24:21 ET

E nomine has a song called Vater unser (ithink that's that name) where the first part is in latin the rest in german.

That ministry track is the only one i kno by them that's not in english.

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