2005-02-02 06:53:19 ET

Well, today and yesterday's classes have been cancelled. Oğuz is at home working on studying for his finals. Im a big distraction and have been forced to leave the house, but its ok -- I understand its importance and the good things that will follow later... ANYWAYS.

There have been updates to the pictures. Cheezy pictures of me and the b/f -- enjoy! Soon, I plan to be adding more to the "Turkish Things" album, moreover, the anatomy of a "Kro". What is a "kro", BKT? A "kro" is in essence, a Turkish hick -- the kind that stare at you in the street, ask you where you're from, and then if you don't reply enough, they call you a NAZI. Yeah... true story.

I had a bad morning yesterday. Woke up early, cooked Oğuz some yummy breakfast, and then went out to work. Got there, went to my room, wrote my ENTIRE LESSON PLAN on the board (the one that took 2.5 hours to make the night before, and 20 minutes to copy onto the board), and then I realize "hmmm... Bec, you should have students here by now". So, I go to my supervisor (and trusty paycheck maker), Aykut. (Spoken in Turkish of course): "Aykut, I have no students. Where are they?" "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah.... your intermediate class ended last week. I told Iltar (a Turkish/English speaking teacher) to tell you last week. Havent you seen her?" he says to me. "No, unfortunately not." I reply. "Well, you have the rest of the day off - no class today. Oh! Or tomorrow either for that matter -- that class was moved to Friday...". I took my new schedule, and went back to my room to gather my things... and I look at the board. There sittith my 2.5-hour-20-minutes-to-write-on-the-TAHTA lesson plan. I am not happy, in fact, Im upset. Pretty upset. I had 5 hours of sleep the night before to do that stupid thing. So, what do I do? I erase it. I erase it, and then, lightly smack the side of my face like "oh my god... my life... is... lesson plans... and... grrrrrrr". I walk out of the building, across the street to a phone to call Oğuz, and see if he's home yet because he has my key, and I would hate to walk there and then stand in the cold for hours when I could be on SK or something else :) Everybody is looking at me funny. Like there is something big, black, and scary on my face. I call Oğuz, we come to (what I thought was) the agreement to meet outside of his school. I walk 20 minutes to his school. There's a fight 30 seconds from his school, in the only possible direct direction I could go. The man has a knife. I cross the 6 lane highway once, and then twice again to his school. I wait for about 35 minutes or so, and I say to myself "haha -- maybe he's at home, no he wouldnt be". I walk one block away (from the school and the fight) to a phone, call him. "Oğuz pumpkin are you coming?" "No, Im at home, where are you?" "Oh my god -- Im at your school waiting for you. Nevermind, Im coming home.". Yep. Linguistical misunderstanding. Gotta love it.

So, I leave. I start to walk towards the fight -- it has broken up. The police are there (Turkish police are a joke by the way -- if you get shot, you're better off walking to the hospital and investigating yourself, rather than call an ambulance and the popos). One is standing there with his arms crossed (he's controlling the crowd, obviously), one is in the resturant where the fight was at (which is under a bridge -- kinda neat), the other is shaking his finger at the angry chef who got into the fight and is waving his butcher knife covered in (what I assume and hope was) animal blood. The police man is saying things like "oh shut up and get back to work you stupid chef. He was only 3 cents short, your meal is crap, let him go", etc. I make the long walk home. I leave Sıhhiye (where the uni is) and go through Kızılay (where my job is) and Kolej (almost my house but not quite) to my house in Küçükesat. Just outside of my school in Kızılay, an old, disgusting, hick woman comes up to me and says "hmmmmmm... kız -- selam! :) (hmm hi girl! :))" I say hi (selam). She says "nereden geldin? (where are you from?)" I hesitate. Not everybody likes America right now. I looked straight ahead, pretended not to hear her, since there's a good chance that she could be a pickpocket. She says "ey! Kız! Söyle! Noldu?! (Hey! Girl! Speak! Whats wrong?) Almanya'dan geldin mi? (Have you come from Germany?) NAZİ MİSİN?!?! (ARE YOU A NAZI?!?!) Allah karetsin seni hasiktir git... (God damn you, fuck off, etc...)!" and she runs away, dragging what looked like to be her grandchild behind her.

Stupid... fucking... KRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KÖPEKSİN YA! Let me TELL you, that made me angry. Very angry. Am I a nazi?? No. So what bothered me? The fact that she probably doesnt just do that to me, she'll probably run into my friends from the Congo, Sea Shells, and Kenya sometime soon, and pull some kind of "are you a slave??? arent slaves good enough to speak with me?" shit. If so, I hope my big Kenyan friend Desmond steps on her and squishes her like a bug!!! (He's like 6'5 -- SUPER tall!) People like that, IN ANY COUNTRY, make me upset.

Am I a nazi?? Yeah FUCK YOU lady! Nazi or not -- you're not good enough to speak to ANYBODY.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! *angry tears* >:**(

I miss my mom.

And now, its off to MS Word for some more fun with Preposition Day... more like Preposition Month. Poor Ömer.

Have a nice night -- hope nobody insults you by calling you a nazi.

2005-02-02 10:08:58 ET

Useless fact:i've realized my beard is longer than Ooze's.

i can imagine us Americans will be hated for quite some time in other countries.

2005-02-02 11:32:19 ET

Really??? How do you manage it? Like, is it soft? Because his is really hard and I was wondering if you know a way to make it softer? He wants his longer...

Yeah, we're definately going to be hated for quite some time indeed. No questions asked.

2005-02-02 11:35:31 ET

it seems to have a mind of it's own at times...naybe he needs to wash it with soap or shampoo (it's hard to say whether his is softer or harder than mine).

2005-02-02 11:40:44 ET

hmmm yeah, Ive made him put my pantene pro-v conditioner for curly hair in it before, that helped after a week or so... but it ALWAYS COMES BACK. Its out there to scratch my face off ahhhh!

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