my cat is wanted.
2005-02-02 11:57:07 ET

So, Ošuz and I get bored. We go outside and take Fifi for a walk. We're walking down the street (she's on a leash yes -- strange I know, but we live in the city on a busy street and she LOVES to go outside) -- a normal activity for us, and all the sudden one other kitty comes. It comes up to her, sniffs her nose, and she like gets ready to kick the CRAP out of it!!!

By the time we were heading home, we had attracted 3 other feline friends walking in a pack behind us.

My cat is offically THE pussycat of the neighborhood -- young, prim, sassy.

Fifi I am PROUD of you you little sex machiene!!!

If you'd like to see a Fifi photo, go check out "my cat is fat day" in like 12 hours.

2005-02-02 12:37:21 ET

how do u walk a cat? seems like an oxymoron.

2005-02-03 07:08:26 ET

well, you put her on a leash and she walks just like a dog -- we trained her to go for walks with us. She's not FULLY trained yet, like sometimes you have to kinda drag her, but we usually go outside twice a day or so, and she LOVES it -- there's a park right outside of our house that she enjoys fully. Haha -- Ošuz tried to make her go down the slide the other night (it was ok, she walked down).

There's really only one problem with this -- and THAT is the tree climbing thing. You'll be walking ahead of her and then all the sudden she's up a tree, you dont realize it, and then you hear a cat screaming because she doesnt want to leave the tree and you're pulling the leash.

But yeah, she loves it SO much. Like SOOOOOO much! :)

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