2005-02-04 11:01:23 ET

What's the worst (THE WORST) blunder in the kitchen that you've ever made? (ie -- I mixed up the salt measurement with the flour measurement in a chocolate cake and almost killed my home-ec teacher) LEMME KNOW!


2005-02-04 11:02:44 ET

well, I believe you've already been informed about the salt in the macaroni....

2005-02-04 11:16:11 ET


I one put sugar on some tortilla chips instead of salt. that was odd.

2005-02-04 11:23:58 ET

caught the stove on fire with a greasy pan...

2005-02-04 11:37:55 ET

innerbeauty: yep -- that's a "check" on my list

SubSonik: you double-salt tortilla chips? (or were they unsalted?) Interesting.

DY: ha -- I almost caught myself on fire doing that once. What happened next?

2005-02-04 11:38:41 ET

they were "low sodium" that had to stop.

2005-02-04 11:39:20 ET

low sodium is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!

2005-02-04 11:40:24 ET

You poor poor man -- disgusting is right.

2005-02-04 11:43:31 ET

yeah. I neglect to mention that I "salted" the ENTIRE bag

2005-02-04 11:43:51 ET


that's something I would have done

2005-02-04 11:56:54 ET

grandmother freaked out and put the pan in the sink, and that was not good either!

2005-02-04 11:58:00 ET

I was cooking beans for chili once, and they boiled over. So, I went to wipe up the mess with papertowels, and the WET paper BURST INTO FLAMES.

Lesson learned here: kidney beans are flammable

2005-02-04 13:50:43 ET

one time, i put i think it was corn starch in fudge. It never set. And tasted throughly nasty.

2005-02-04 17:41:59 ET

my mom set herself on fire once. she has scars from it. stovetops with open flames and loose clothing are a no go.

my worst kitchen blunder...burning things because i turn the heat up too high. like...onions. i like sauteed onions in my stir fries, not crispy black onions. i've learned to reduce the heat, and add the frozen veggies slightly earlier, because they provide water for simmering!

2005-02-05 01:13:52 ET

ooo i have scars on my wrist from playing wiht melted plastic.

2005-02-07 09:11:30 ET

eek! You all have some seriously bad cooking stories. I have some too, Im just happy the havent happened overseas *yet* (gulp).

2005-02-19 08:41:44 ET

Besides the occasional over cooked item, I can't really think of anything. One thing that I can think of is, my ex couldn't even understand the instructions on the back of a box of hamburger helper.Now that's sad!

2005-02-19 15:02:38 ET

i can see her

OH YOUR SUPPOSED TO ADD MEAT! i thought i could just throw anything in there!

2005-02-19 17:49:00 ET

Sorry! Cat isn't the other white meat:P

2005-02-24 09:05:29 ET


2005-02-24 13:43:45 ET

I have some real cool solder burns from braizing copper piping! I hate when that stuff, sticks to your gloves, and melts through them(the gloves).

2005-02-24 22:07:37 ET

Aman Allahým ya! ouch ya!

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