I saw Star Trek in Turkish voiceovers!
2005-02-08 09:51:17 ET

Captain Spock --- do you read me, Captain? This is my report for the day -- the ship is in distress, Captain. What ever shall we do?? Mehh.

Tasks completed:
Woke up at 8:30 with Oğuz
Ate breakfast (with Oğuz and family)
Went to the coolest fucking museum ever (with Oğuz)
Rode a trolly-thing to have lunch (with Oğuz)
Rode the trolly-thing BACK to the beach (with Oğuz)
Climbed down a cliff to get to the beach with mountains (with Oğuz)
Sat on the beach for like hours (with Oğuz)
Started back to the house, but was sidetracked by a mall (with Oğuz)
Saw Toys R Us and Migros (like a Walmart, of course, with Oğuz)
Rode the dolmuş back to the pad (with Oğuz)
Ate dinner (with Oğuz and family)
Played with the younger siblings for like 2 hours (withOUT Oğuz)
Head started to split into two from overload and tiredness (possibly with Oğuz, not sure)
Went to internet cafe (with guess who?)

Current task:
Updating you, dear Spocky -- I mean Captain -- on SK (with Oğuz next to me)

Future tasks:
Go back to apartment, sleep fully (with Oğuz)

Summary for the day:
It's been a splendid day with Oğuz :) Tomorrow we're going to Perge and Aspendos woot! (In the relatively same location -- and so FREAKIN COOL)

That's all for now, Captain. Have a good night.

PS -- could you ask Scotty to beam me some wheatthins? I have found none in this land. Thanks a bunch. :)

2005-02-08 14:10:39 ET

::beams the wheat thins::

2005-02-09 05:43:42 ET

hehehe wheat thins.

just as a note here... I have not taken the time to properly pronounce your username yet. =P

2005-02-09 14:13:37 ET

i dont think i've even tried to say it.

2005-02-10 05:06:37 ET

... Birk-iz-turki-eed?

2005-02-10 14:12:14 ET

I never make attempts at pronouncing things like that. :)

2005-02-14 03:55:42 ET


birkizturkiyede -- should really be birkıztürkiye'de, but you know, only certain charicters are permitted in screennames.

Bir kız Türkiye'de = BEER KUZ tur-KEY-yay-day

bir = one
kız = girl
Türkiye'de = Türkiye in ("de" makes "in")

So there you have it -- birkizturkiyede -- one girl in Turkey


Hey, if you wanna, you can check out vacation photos on my msn group-- I just got back from walking on ancient ruins 2BC!!!!

2005-02-14 03:58:58 ET


thats your new name when I decide to call you something other than Birk

2005-02-14 04:09:40 ET

o git in Turkish is "he leave". lol ok, Birk is ok. Or Kiz. That means girl. And I AM a girl, so yeah.

Farketmes (whichever)


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