let's try again!
2005-02-16 11:18:14 ET

will insert the specified image (hopefully)

BUGGER! I cant do this because Im internet stupid. Could somebody please teach me how to put pictures up here? The address was (and still is) http://www.geocities.com/rebeccaturkiyede/bec15.jpg.

Please guys I need your help -- I have super cool photos of ancient Perge 2 b.c. that I wanna show you, but I CANT! GAHHHH!

2005-02-16 11:22:53 ET

Check out Innerbeauty's page, a posting a month ago or something that told me how to do it.
I'll see if I can find it for you :)

2005-02-16 11:24:12 ET

ok cool thanks! But I dont even know how to put photos on a webpage see, so, you know. Lots of problems :)

2005-02-16 11:25:06 ET


Read there :)

(And I'm an idiot at these things too..)

2005-02-16 11:26:36 ET

yay! THANKS!

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