3rd try...
2005-02-16 11:30:52 ET

OK! I've received help from Athyra and Innerbeauty's page. Now...

*HOLDS BREATH* will insert the specified image



Welcome, SK, to Perge, Antalya, Turkey. Dated 2 B.C. -- the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire. The site was HUGE and I walked over it. This is the enterance, past the ampitheater, looking inside. It was SO FREAKIN COOL!

I'll post more later when I get the rest developed.

OOH OOH! And another update: This is Fifi the lovely kitty.

yay I have pictures :)

2005-02-16 11:37:08 ET

Glad I could help :)) *hugs right back*
Pretty, pretty kitty and cooool ruins!

2005-02-16 11:37:51 ET

Isnt she pretty? She bites like a bugger though. The ruins were SOOO cool! Wait 'til you see the rest of the pictures! :)

2005-02-16 11:38:11 ET

I can't wait! :)

2005-02-16 11:40:45 ET

I LOVE cats....

they taste just like chicken!

2005-02-16 11:41:35 ET

:( That's my Fifi. Please dont eat her! You can have the turkish toilet instead! :)

2005-02-16 11:42:18 ET

FINE! I will not eat your fifi!

2005-02-16 14:45:51 ET

yay pics!

2005-02-16 15:25:20 ET

What a cool cat!

2005-02-17 04:47:39 ET

yeah, she kicks some SERIOUS ass. She's fluffy and cute, will cuddle with you (only when she feels like it though), likes to explore, she's smart, watches TV AND can calmy listen to my boyfriend's Manowar without problem.

Sometimes she bites like a lion though, but that's cool too. She's so agile. Once she tore apart a (whole) chicken I bought for dinner. Came home and she had a drumstick hanging from the corner of her mouth.

I love my kitty :)

Oh oh! AND she takes walks in her harness/leash thing willingly like a dog. She's the BESTEST EVER! Do you have pets?


2005-02-17 05:00:03 ET

yeah I have 2 dogs
Scooby-Doo AKA the Hot water bottle dog, a beagle.

and Trixie
I have nothing to do with naming the dogs btw =P

she's a mutt plain and simple. Heavily shepard and I love her the most LOL

2005-02-17 05:40:36 ET

awwwwwwwww they're so cute!!! Do they like cats?

edit: that was a STUPID question.

2005-02-17 05:43:01 ET

mmmm I don't really know. They get along with the Rabbit though.

the rabbits not a threat and they're always well fed so they just sorta ignore her. though we don't leve them unsupervised hehehe

edit: no not really LOL some dogs and cats get along.

2005-02-17 05:46:25 ET

hmmm you have a rabbit? do you have a picture also?? Fifi would probably poop on your dog -- she pooped on our roommate when she got scared of him.

2005-02-17 05:47:22 ET


no no pix of the rabbit let me google to see if I find one close enough.

2005-02-17 05:51:00 ET

ok like this


with a little more white between the neck and forepaws and she has BLUE eyes. I guesss thats a rarity among rabbits

2005-02-18 10:16:07 ET

I LOVE THE FIFI... When she goes cat-psycho does she ever grab you with the front legs and bunny kick the hell out of your with the back ones?

I love when kittens are playing and one of the always steps over the "play line" the bunny kicking starts and they end up going to separate corners to cool off.. they always make up. But you can see when one gets pissed and has had enough....

2005-02-19 05:25:46 ET


Gripe: I LOVE THE FIFI TOO! :) Yeah when she goes cat psycho she does the front leg bunny kick thing. My cat always seems to be in the "pissed and had enough" stage. I cant get the devil to stop! Like you leave her alone and then SHE COMES BACK AGAIN! More Fifi pics here: http://groups.msn.com/beccainturkey/pictures -- click "kittyland" and "best of friends"


2005-02-19 11:23:43 ET

Awe, her coloring is just the best....

2005-02-24 08:59:18 ET

yeah. I love the little bugger to bits! I must compliment you on your son -- he's a cute little bugger too :)

2005-02-24 10:37:12 ET

I like his coloring too... ha ha... my lil strawberry.

2005-02-24 22:06:07 ET


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