2005-02-18 10:00:16 ET

Somebody tell me something really happy, and wonderful.

Better yet, if you've read this entry, list 5 good, happy things in your life RIGHT NOW, or even today. I really need it. Thanks.


2005-02-18 10:02:40 ET

I can get tea or coffe RIGHT now If I want.
I am almost done with work for the week.
This is a long weekend
My family is in good health
My dogs are cute and love me
My sister is Cute and loves me

oh thats 6 =)

Ha see now I feel better!

2005-02-18 11:42:07 ET

1.My baby (the dog) is so cute when he wants attention when I'm at the computer, he just sneaks up behind the chair and gently nudge his nose at my elbow :)
2. I'm flirting heavily with a friend of mine that is coming to visit me in mars, he makes me blush and laugh and I *really* look forward to seeing him! ;))
3. Today was the first day since this fall, that I walked to work with the sun in my face, the strong wind and gusts of snow kinda ruined it, but still beautiful!
4. One of my best friends just came home from visiting her boyfriend, and they had a great time together and now we can go back to chatting several hours a day on the phone!
5. It's friday, and I can sleep in tomorrow =)

*biiig hug*

2005-02-18 13:36:49 ET

1)Got paid today.

2)Gonna watch the movie SAW, and eat pizza.

3)Moving soon.

4)My cat isn't talking right now!

5)Had an awesome cup of java this morning:)

2005-02-24 22:27:14 ET

thanks :)

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