Perge was awesome.
2005-02-19 05:48:31 ET

^^old apatheater ruins at Perge, Antalya.^^

^^Me in the enterance to the old ampatheater pictured above.^^

Considering that gladiators walked there once (and I LOVE that movie), this was pretty cool. Wicked cool.

Freakin... awesome... super... wicked... totally... COOL.

*New York City Coppppps -- they aint to˘ smaaaaaaaaart.
New York City Copppppppps....!*
The Strokes are making me bounce in my chair. My boyfriend just looked at me strange -- WOOT!


2005-02-19 06:00:46 ET

Great pictures, Sweetie, I wish I was there too!

2005-02-19 21:04:05 ET

those are some purdy ruins...

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