quick update
2005-02-24 09:16:57 ET

Super busy. Have no money to pay for internet. Work's internet server is crap. I found a new apartment. 2 floors up from mine -- no more mold/moisture problem. The girl is nice. My rent is $150 a month now. MAŞALLAH! This all happened in the past 3 hours. "Do you have a roommate?" No. "Do you want one?" Yes. I was had for dinner in the beautiful little flat. I can decorate my room. My clean room. No mold on the walls room.

Im writing a test for TOEFL. I rock REAL hard now.

THis has been one of those weeks when you just wanna makeout with yourself you're so happy (suprisingly enough, considering my Aunt Flo is in town -- God have mercy on my boyfriend).

Had a bitch fit today, scared Oğuz (again, God have mercy). But its ok now. He's sitting next to me talking.

Oğuz gave me a haircut this morning....



2005-02-24 09:17:55 ET

HUZZAH! glad to hear things are going god hun =-)

2005-02-24 09:19:20 ET

Teşekküler (THANKS!) :)


2005-02-24 09:44:29 ET

you must be crazy, letting Ooz cut your hair...my girl would kill me if i did that....

2005-02-24 22:05:02 ET

Yeah, must be lol

Really, he did a great job! See, Im a hairdresser myself. I cut his sister's hair when we were in Antalya, and I made him watch REALLY closely. He cut a bit more than I had expected, but, that's ok. Im one of those girls that scream "grrrrrrrrrah! I want short hair!" but really dont and would probably cry if it was too short.

I just needed a bit of a trim -- so does he --- I'm after him and that beard-thing next...

MuuuuAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! (just kidding of course -- it's what makes him unique :))

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