nevermind, I DO have time for a proper update...
2005-02-27 04:27:20 ET

...a quick one.

1. Im at work right now -- using the computer for free, sitting in the middle of a tall Turk's computer class. Typing away and he's lecturing. I feel kinda bad, but oh well.

2. I am here, supposed to be working on the TOEFL program. That's right. TOEFL as in Taking On English as a Foreign Language as in the exam given in Canada and America if you want to study abroad. I have been told to write an entire TOEFL exam prep course, although, I have never taken the exam (being an American in this country I already automatically know EVERYTHING donchya know *eyeroll and giggle*).

3. I made a plan a few days ago. I presented it to the boss BEFORE my other peer (a beautiful TUrkish girl named İltar, who speaks English fluently). Stupid me. I was under the impression that the owners of the dershane (litterly translates into schoolhouse -- but think community college instead) knew ENglish AND the test. Nope. THey just know that the creation of a TOEFL prep-course by an American would reel in some BIG bucks. İltar said it was a good plan, but 270 vocabulary words isnt enough. She's right. A minimum of 1000 vocabulary word knowledge is needed -- that's VOCABULARY words, like "pretense, adjacent, perrenial, corpulent, accretion, locally, auricular" -- NOT "this, that, the, to run, to eat, to sleep, bowl, umbrella, nightstand, computer". My boss said to me "what level of grammar is this? Elementary, Pre-intermediate? --" I reply "UPPER-ADVANCED". He says "oh... hmmm... would you like 120 hours instead of 70?". Yeah, thanks -- I would!

4. NOw, I continue working on the plan. THere are 20 grammars instead of 16, tons of words lists, and many things not taught at this dershane. THe owners were thinking "oh, well, after our students take the upper-intermediate class, they can take TOEFL, pay tons of money, and be shipped off to America and Canada!". HA...ha ha... HAAAAAAAAAA! No way. This class.... no way.

5. Şimdi ders yazıyorum (so now, Im writing a course.). It's obvious that they dont know what the hell they're doing. I now feel a personal obligation to make a seriously kick-ass class. With MORE hours. With tons of vocabulary. With all the right grammar, and listening practice.

6. Oğuz starts school tomorrow (its time... when he's dormant for too long, he gets this attitude about him, I still love him though). That means I can work from morning until night freely ("watchya doin'... oh... yeah *sarcasic joke*..... *I say something, he doesnt pay attention*... what??? huh??? whatever I dunno... *I stomp out of the house and want to go eat a big icecream sundae, but I cant. Why? I have no money and I dont know where I can get icecream*).

7. I'm moving out. haha! UP 2 FLOORS FROM APT 3 TO APT 11 WITH A SUPER CUTE TURKISH GIRL NAMED BEHİYE! In an apartment without mold growing on the walls... without man hair everywhere... and boy mess everywhere... and man slouching... and man... man... man... I love Oğuz so much, but the apartment thing isnt working with Rıdvan -- I really dont like the bastard. I did, but he's an anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-female, anti-globalization, anti-education, anti-hard working MAN. He's anti-everything I am pro. (Im pro any country, any religion, Im pro both sexes, and globalization isnt such a bad thing, Im a teacher AND a student, and I work hard -- Im pro-equality, freedom, and the right to kick the bastard in the face).

And that's my story. Now, I'm tired of working. I want to get my paycheck, go eat breakfast (its 5:30 here -- and I havent eaten), buy some groceries, clean, and be HAPPY, FREE WEEEEEEEE!

And its a small paycheck -- I took a week long vacation and cancelled Friday because of a period. A disgusting one.

Life's too short to worry... just realized that. Wow.


2005-02-27 10:09:52 ET

i always get a small paycheck but it's because i work for peanuts.

2005-02-27 13:49:13 ET

i wonder if your mind cracks completely if all your entries will be in different languages with no translations.

2005-02-28 04:45:13 ET

LOL lots of stuff!

at any rate. sounds like you're giving a great education
I don't know what accretion, or auricular mean LOL

but then again you probably couldn't tell me exactly what an Avaya CMS system does. I can only know so much =p

2005-02-28 23:05:22 ET

Siren: Working for peanuts always somehow seems better to me. People (sometimes) arent as big of assholes.

Klemmy: LOL That depends on what language. :)

SS: Yeah TONS of stuff... read the new entry, I wanna cry! :( Thanks -- I hope I'm giving the great education... its my passion and what I wanna do! :) No idea what an Avaya CMS system does nope. lol


2005-03-01 14:47:13 ET

i think u just go in differnet languages, alternating between words or sentances in different languages.

2005-03-02 02:30:28 ET

yeah, Turkish has definately rotted my brian.

Was writing an email to my mom, and I would write "ben" for "I" and böyle for "this way" and things like this and yeah. I have upped my intake of English things because of this. Its kinda scary sometimes.

Ive even been thinking of sex in TUrkish. That's totally the line right there.

And when I close emails and posts and stuff, its automatically Turkish. Why? Because... Im... turning... into... a... TURK!!!!


2005-03-02 03:54:15 ET

LOL well it's good that you're having such an easy time picking up a second language.

2005-03-04 00:37:53 ET

lol, yeah, I guess that's the bright side...

Ive started to introduce myself as Bayan Rebecca (woman Rebecca -- for miss/misses, they say WOMAN here).

Yo, woman! Come here

2005-03-04 04:03:54 ET

back in the kitchen woman! =p

2005-03-04 09:32:38 ET


2005-03-05 07:29:33 ET

oh no you didn't say that! You woman-hater you! ;-)

see ... i can be a feminist :D

2005-03-07 04:34:47 ET

heres a bad joke.

what do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes?

2005-03-07 09:23:25 ET







right -- have NO idea. What?? :)

2005-03-07 09:24:44 ET


you already told her twice.

*braces for a smack*

2005-03-07 09:52:23 ET

lol. That's not stupid -- I find that funny!!!

Oh god I just did a snort/laugh out loud in a foreign, public internet cafe and everybody looked at me!!!!

*kıpkırımızı!* (bright red)

2005-03-07 09:56:04 ET

.. that is an illegal amount of "Y's" for any word EVER

2005-03-08 03:39:53 ET


bad joke.

2005-03-08 09:11:13 ET

SS: LOL yeah. Its ACTUALLY supposed to be an "i" without a dot on top. It makes the "uh" sound. So kıpkırmızı is said KUHP kuhr-UHM-uh-zuh. kırmızı means "red" and "kıp" has no grammar -- it just puts emphasis on things. Mesela (for example):

kırmızı - red
kıpkırmızı - the reddest/bright red
sarı (SAH-ruh) - yellow
sapsarı - the most yellow/bright yellow
pembe (PEM-bay) - pink
pespembe - the pinkest/bright pink
beyaz (BAY-azz) - white
bembayaz - the whitest/bright white
büşbüyük (I THINK -- not so sure. that's boosh-boo-yook) - the biggest

and yeah -- no grammar with that. You can only learn by reading books and asking "how do you say the ______est in Turkish?". I know more, rather, I can recognize more when listening to others speak, but cant think of any now. Anyways, you get the idea -- its for adjectives.

Sorry -- linguistical rant. *kıpkırmızı*

Siren: :D lol

2005-03-08 09:13:23 ET

LOL wow. you're almost as bad as me

2005-03-08 09:19:54 ET

LOL what shall we ever do with ourselves???

You know, I thought of you the other day -- my MS Word is in TURKISH. I can do things super easy and super quick usually... but it takes me (pardon) fucking 3 hours to make a damn spreadsheet now. I said "I wonder if there's a universal code that SubSonik knows for MS Word 2000? That would ROCK!".

2005-03-08 09:23:13 ET

actually yeah there is a language options button somewhere....

edit: blah I only have office XP now. sorry =(

edit again: why are you making a spreadsheet in word? use Excel!

2005-03-08 09:28:25 ET

ahh, its ok -- I manage ok now. I usually just do everything manually -- but what gets frusterating is that I cant shut off fucking storm windows. I do something, and it automatically indents -- so I have to delete and do the same thing again so it understands that I dont want to do that.


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