IM IN THE NEW FLAT!!! Ayrılamayız biz
2005-02-28 23:03:09 ET

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Well, well, well -- I'm in the new flat!... an my boyfriend isnt happy. He's scared to death that one of my (older -- 8 years older than me) roommate's male friends will come over and try to do bad things to me. Yes, that happens in Turkey... but I think he's paranoid. Why does he do this? Because he's a tourguide and he knows what kinds of horrible things his co-workers do to all the french and belgin girls that come to Turkey (they try to get a wife or else they fuck and leave -- pregnant or not, doesnt matter).

Firstly, I would NEVER flirt with one of Behiye's friends. Secondly she's said that if (IF -- which Oğuz is taking as WHEN IT DOES) something were to happen, all I have to do is tell her directly. He'll be out and taken care of in a second. So, Behiye is nice. Not dumb. Older -- treats me like her little sister. I dont think she'd ever let anything happen. Time will tell of course...

But now Im sad -- I was so excited about this new apartment thing. I voulenteer to go wake up Oğuz this morning for his second day of school because he's so NOT a morning person, this is his final year, and he MUST do well this semester or else he wont graduate, and all I hear out of him all morning is "something bad is going to happen to you... I dont trust Behiye.... I dont trust her friends... I dont like this.... on and on and on". I'm a big girl, and I love that he takes care of me, but I can handle it myself.

And now, Im kinda pissy.

So, now I gotta go give Behiye her keys back cuz I just made copies... and then... ? Bilmem.

Uff erkeğem benim -- böyle kullanıyorsun -- şimdi napıcam?!?!
(Translation: Ufff my boyfriend -- why do you operate yourself this way -- now what will I do?!?!)


Anybody got any advice? God I miss my American friends. I could seriously use a girl cry with an English speaker... female ENglish speaker.... with estrogen and periods and boobs and girl things and male crushes and chocolate obsessions.

*starts to cry, and leaves the net café"
Böyle hayatım.

2005-03-01 01:22:22 ET

I don't think I realize how deep this is affecting you, or how seriously you boy takes this, but sounds to me like he needs a proper, loud:
"Shut the fuck up?! I don't need this shit from you, and if you can stop brooding about it, go somwhere else and don't come back to me unless you can talk about something else!"

Come to me, and we will have a girlie-talk about men, with chocolate, icecream, tissues, chips, good food, chick-flicks, sodas, etc - etc!

2005-03-01 03:32:02 ET

last night, i was in obsessed teenage [i'm not a teen...just acted like one for a few minutes, HAHAHAHA] fan girl mode over johnny depp. and others, but we'll let them go nameless. but yeah. i have those girl qualifications.

i made brownies!

2005-03-01 14:24:07 ET

Chocolate is always a good palce to start..Then onto shopping:)

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