2005-03-02 03:27:52 ET

Been playing video games non stop for 2 hours on the computer...

feel like my eyes are going to roll out of my head

they burn

they itch

my contacts are melting to my eyes

I think Im gonna puke

it hurts badly

my eye makeup is smearing into my eyes so I cant see anything

am I gonna go blind?

the ey emake up itches

I am offically freaking out

I just spent lots of money on internet poopy.


How Y'all doin today? :)


2005-03-02 04:37:03 ET

you lightweight! come talk to me after a 16 hour weekend session of Everquest or Day of Defeat THEN you can complain

2005-03-02 15:05:47 ET

i had a couple days where it was 4 hours of CAD, 4 hours of game and then another 4 hours of CAD.

2005-03-03 04:52:27 ET

interspersing gaming is the only way to survive such hxc CAD p_0

2005-03-03 14:19:40 ET

especially when the CAD drawings are drawings of steel beams that you have to make details and edits to.

2005-03-04 00:36:51 ET

ahh that's right!

affedersin! (forgive me) ve kolay gelsin (and may you work with ease)


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