Picture just taken today.... YAY!
2005-03-06 09:57:26 ET

This is me and my.... FAVORITE NEW CLASS! 2 of the students. NilgŁn is on the left and Fatih is on the right. That leaves me in the middle with PMS, a bad breakout on my chin, and shit hair. But yeah, what a great class!!! :)

Let me just re-iterate how much I LOVE my job. This is my classroom. To the left of NilgŁn is my writing on the board, and behind Fatih on the wall is a letter from Ataturk (founder of Turkey) that hangs on every wall of every classroom in Turkey -- and sometimes in businesses too. There are 6 desks in the class (mine makes 7), each holds 2 students -- so no more than 12 students per class. This is my good class. Love them to death. If there are any men or ladies out there looking for a Turkish spouse -- NilgŁn is 30 and Fatih is 23 -- they both want to get married. Why not to each other, I dont know -- they OUGHT to. They go GREAT together. Best of friends. Anyways -- again -- love my job SO much!


2005-03-06 09:59:49 ET

all those things add together to make life more interesting.

2005-03-06 10:11:22 ET

true -- oops forgot to add the pic lol

2005-03-06 12:31:13 ET

You don't have many pics of yourself on your page. It's great to finally see what you look like without a hat covering your beautiful blonde hair. You have a great smile too!

2005-03-06 14:02:50 ET

it's not that bad of a breakout.

2005-03-07 09:29:03 ET

tetesuro: THANK YOU! :) That is extremely sweet of you -- I hate my hair right now. It cant decide if its naturally curly or straight (the top is as straight as a door, and underneith is like a super size Arby's curly fry). What does your name mean?

Klem-meister: and thank you too! :) It was MUCH worse last week. Its strange for me because I normally dont get zits in large groups. I get one big one like once every 2 months -- normally Im skin-lucky.

2005-03-07 09:29:44 ET

your welcome.

2005-03-07 15:00:08 ET

tetesuro is derived from tetsuro, the name of the main character from the only anime I follow called Galaxy Express 999.

2005-03-08 08:56:22 ET

never heard of GE99... where'd you hear about it from?

2005-03-08 11:32:15 ET

There was a UHF Channel (Channel 25 in NYC) that used to run it when I was about 10 years old. Me and my dad had no idea what it was about or what language they were speaking but the flashing colors and the crazy noises made it worth watching back then. =) I spend much of my later teens looking for those episodes. I found them only recently online.

2005-03-08 14:27:20 ET

wasn't there a sequel to it?

2005-03-08 14:56:36 ET

You're mistaken the series (late 70s broadcast) with the feature films that were released on VHS during the 90s.

2005-03-08 14:58:02 ET


2005-03-09 07:20:22 ET

hmmm. You know, when I lived in Chicago about 10 years ago, I can remember my father and brother watching a flashy cartoon japanese channel. The same maybe?...

2005-03-09 07:20:41 ET


2005-03-09 07:21:12 ET

Perhaps, perhaps... 10 years ago sounds about right.

2005-03-09 07:31:36 ET

very interesting indeed! There was lots of blood in the cartoons I remember. Does that sound right?

2005-03-09 13:53:02 ET

Nope. When people died, there was no blood.

2005-03-10 05:02:47 ET

wrong cartoon -- maybe the same channel though. Japanese cartoons all the time. Did you buy the series?

2005-03-10 08:07:07 ET

Nope, I downloaded the first 7 off of a bit torrent.

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