BITCH FIT. God save the queen.
2005-03-08 10:44:54 ET

Şimdi napacam?

I am to be writing a TOEFL course, a private booklet for a private student, unpacking my things, dieting and exercising, going to the American Embassy, fixing things.

Napacam? What am I gonna do?

Napacam -- İngilizce düşünmek bana zor. What am I gonna do? It's becoming difficult for me to think, write, SPEAK in English.

Napacam... I have lost my motivation. Maybe if I dont sleep tonight and just work work work and take advantage of my time off for the next two days, Ill be alright...


Behiye's boyfriend is a

And I hope he left. He and his stupid hick friend came -- they invited me to drink Raki (Turkish national drink) with them, but I declined. It's Lent and I was supposed to meet my mom online around the time they wanted to drink.

Do you know what Turkish hicks look like? They wear suits. All the time. Pin-striped like the mafia, only with lots of grease in their hair and no teeth. Go to the club, they're wearing a suit. Go to the mall, they're wearing a suit. Go to the gas station, they're wearing a suit. Go to the grocery store for milk, eggs, and some bread - they're wearing a suit. Go across the street to the local small store to buy a pack of cigarettes and, yup, they're wearing a suit. Go to the barber -- wearing a suit. Go to the mosque -- wearing a suit. Go for a walk -- wearing a suit. Go to their girlfriend's house to just say hi and GUESS WHAT?!?!? THEY'RE WEARING A SUIT. A BLACK PIN-STRIPED SUIT. THE ONLY ONE THEY FUCKING OWN. THEY'RE LOOKING AT THE FOREIGN ROOMMATE LIKE A PIECE OF MEAT AND PISSING OFF HER FIANCE.


It starts when theyre young. At the age of puberty they start to mimick their fathers and the hick singers on TV that they find cool. And it never leaves. You know that there is no hope for a Turkish kid who's 12 to turn out ok if he's wearing a suit to school, home, the store, the mall, the club, THE LAUNDRY MAT AND TO BED. He'll don a suit forever... with too much hair gel or grease, and a ring of dirt on his neck (or else a shitload of hick-parfume -- sometimes worse than dirt).

And maybe you say "BKT, you know, maybe they dont have so much money. Maybe they dont have a job. Maybe that's why they wear a suit everyday and dont bathe. They save the hairgrease and use it as gel later... dont be so CRUEL!"

Dear friends, every KRO I have met owns 2 BMWs (SUPER expensive in Turkey), an Armani suit, and at least 3 stores on the same street -- if not the WHOLE STREET. Yep. KROS are filthy rich. Filthy rich and filthy lazy.

And they see me walking down the street at night, beep their horns to intice me to turn to them, smile, and get in their car because they think Im a (very common here) Russian WHORE.

I am only comfortable on OĞuz's arm.

Home again, home again - jiggity jig.


2005-03-08 11:03:57 ET

do you pronounce your boys's name like "oguz" ? if so, i had a friend with that name, and we just called him "oz" :)

2005-03-08 11:10:44 ET

omg i hate turkey.

2005-03-08 11:34:27 ET

I have a suit that I would wear ALLL the time if I didn't have to take it to the dry-cleaners everytime that I wore it.

2005-03-08 14:51:49 ET

learn russian and yell at them that they have super small penises.

2005-03-09 06:56:09 ET

Minky: Oğuz's name is pronounced (OH-ooze). But oftentime when Im speaking quickly, it comes out "Oh's" like oreos (god I miss those!). Where was your Oğuz from????? THats interesting.

See, the Ğğ is call yumuşak g (yoo-moo-shack gay). It makes no sound -- its silent. Its just there to represent a syllabul break and because they dont like to put two vowels next to eachother unless the words are foreign (like "kitap - book", "dukkan - store" from Arabic). So, in English to make is sound proper it would be Ouz, but, since America doesnt have or know Ğğ, immigrations will probably change his name to Oguz -- OH-gooze. Poor guy.

Where is your Oguz originated from??? Maybe he was an Oğuz but then the govt changed him to Oguz???

SubSonic: Luckily for me, I dont hate Turkey -- I just hate "krolar" (hicks). I love my roommate so much, and now Oğuz is all pissed off about her boyfriend being an idiot everytime Oğuz comes to my house. Töbestahfullah.

Tetesuro: It's ok to wear a suit ALLLLLLL the time, as long as you take it off every night, take a shower, and clean the suit when it starts to smell bad. These people dont do that -- THEY HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO SUPPLY ALL OF SUDAN WITH SOAP and they cant even supply their SHOWER with it! Why? Because they're lazy. Its actually kinda comical lol :)

Kelm-meister: I should shouldnt I? Although I could just do it in English really fast like "STUPID-DIRTY-RICH-MOTHER-FUCKING-SELFISH-PIGASSED-TURKISH-HICK-WITH-TOO-MANY-CARS-AND-NOT-ENOUGH-SOAP!!!!!!!!! FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!". Suprisingly enough, more Turks know Russian than they do English. I gotta get a more complicated language. I should call my Kenyan friend Desmond up the street and have him teach me in Swahili! :D

2005-03-09 08:39:12 ET

yeah, he's from turkey. no idea what the deal is with his name though, haha.

2005-03-09 08:45:05 ET

yeah, he's gotta be an OH-ooze!!!

2005-03-09 08:45:58 ET

probably :)

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