...and somehow, I never have any time.
2005-03-13 09:32:24 ET

I havent looked at my TOEFL program for a 2 weeks. I havent started my exercises like I said I would a month ago -- the same for my "diet".

My diet was GREAT -- I ate all Turkish food (ie unprocessed, clean, natural). Now that I can speak Turkish, I can go to the bank and get money. I can also go shopping. My favorite sentence has (lately) been "çikolata var mı?" ("do you have chocolate?") -- NOT to be confused with my FAVORITE: kıllı poposı (kul-luh poh-poh-suh: the hairy ass).


Anyways, yeah. Tomorrow Oğuz and I have set a date -- that is the day he stops smoking, and the day I get serious (SERIOUS) about my diet. I gained back some of my weight (I've lost 45kilograms since coming to Turkey). Why? Because I take taxis everywhere. If I were in the desert and it were flat here I would TOTALLY walk everywhere -- but Turkey is mountainous. Walking to my private lesson is like a trip through friggin' Appalacia.

Speaking of walking!!!!!!!
I bought cute shoes the other day. SUPER cute. Pictures to follow later. Anyways, bought the shoes and walked 15 minutes away UPHILL (mountain) and now, I have a blister SKIN REMOVED about 3 inches in width and one and a half inches in length. I offically have a short flat blister open, oozing, and HURTING LIKE A STAB WOUND on my foot.

Salağım ben ya. (I'm an idiot.)

Im now inspired to go home and clean my room and study the Turkish I havent studied in a while.

My boss realized that he paid me wrong last paycheck. I got 35 extra bucks this time -- HUZZAH!!!!!

How's everybody else doing???

2005-03-13 10:20:24 ET


doing alright, doing a show in 5 hours, gonna do a industrial project with a childhood collague. fun stuff here.

2005-03-13 11:10:54 ET

Be an american and loose some "pounds", not those "kilograms"

...all the cool people smoke. ;)

2005-03-14 05:17:57 ET

I'm good. slap a bandaid on that blister!

45 kilograms....

so thats like.... 150lbs?

2005-03-14 09:21:01 ET

Klemmy: very mountainous. How was the show? Unfortunately, I cant listen to your show! How is your childhood collague?

Tetesuro: lol -- I say "pound" and people look at me like "werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt -- durf duh doh what's THAT??". They do the same thing when I say "meter". It's "may-tray (metre)". But "kilogram" is kilogram so that's helpful. Oğuz only had one cigarette today down from 8 a day -- Im so proud of him! :)

SS: Im so glad youre good! :) I put a bandaid on my blister before, but then I couldnt wear shoes -- its that deep. Like a millimeter deep -- definately NOT surface. So what do I do? Go to the eczane (pharmacy). They dont have gauzepads in Turkey, just old fashioned get-stuck-in-your-open-wound gauze and medical tape. Buy it, use it, end up crying 5 hours later before I went to take a shower -- it had like grown into part of my body!!!!! It was so disgusting. Anyways, the next day I bought an ace bandage. Now I use really thick (REALLY thick) crappy gauze and the ace bandage. I cant wear my "professional teacher" shoes to work because they hurt so bad. I have to wear my sneakers, and with those I have to wear knee-highs because the ace bandage is so thick and keep my shoe untied at maximum capacity. Pain in the ass. Im so glad I brought my bactroban with me from America!!!! Turkish cream is expensive. 250g tube for $20.

45 kilograms = exactly 99.208 pounds. So yeah, I lost 100 pounds. Now making me closer to normal (I was REALLY overweight in America, but my bones are big and Im tall, so it wasnt so noticable. All people usually said was "wow -- she has monster boobs!). I am now 93 kilos -- that's still like "holy shit" for a girl, but, Im proud about it. Here ya go -- just posted a picture for you.

That's me at 96 kilos - doesnt look like 211.64lbs does it? It is.

2005-03-14 09:24:55 ET

not at all. you're definitely not overweight you're just a big girl

and I like that.

please don't hit me.

2005-03-14 09:36:04 ET


Thanks, and no, I won't hit you -- Oğuz likes that too! :)

Oh my god Im on a diet and Oğuz is like "no... no please dont loose TOO many kilos ok?? PLEASE. I love your big butt."

Strange complement, I know, but he didnt know how else to say it in English LOL


2005-03-14 10:56:50 ET

big girls complain less ;) lol jk.

The show was great. didn't get a huge audience, but i liked the music i played. Rob is like an evil mad scientist. Cept mostly sane. so it could be very interesting. He's one of the few ppl irl that i have to bow down and say he's much smarter than i (i'm not a boastful person about intelligence).

2005-03-14 21:59:31 ET

You are gorgeous and really doesn't look like you weigh 93 kgs, how cool :)
Love the picture of you two turtledoves ;)

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