All I wanted was a simple kind of life.
2005-03-17 04:14:37 ET




I hate the US government.

I hate their visa procedures.

I LOVE my fiance, I hate that we have visa problems.

I cant get a visa for him unless I go to the USA. We wanted to go back together.


FUCK YOU TERRORISTS! -- you killed 3 of my cousins, and 2 of my friends. Now, the one thing I love in life, I cant have where I want it. I dont want to live in Turkey. I want to live with him in the USA. Your people SPIT on me in the street here because they find out Im American. They ask me "11/9 nasıl dı?" and I tell them how HORRIBLE it was, and they LAUGH.

happy st. patrick's day.

*goes home, and cries*

2005-03-17 05:11:03 ET

I'm going to come visit you in turkey and I'm gonna bring several of my most skilled friends. The first person to give us issues because we're American gets beat. as do the next... mmmm 10-15 to come start shit.

after about 15 people the 3 of us might start to wear down... or get shot at LOL

2005-03-17 06:00:55 ET

Oh sweetie.. I'm so sorry for you :/
*big hug* and muck <3

2005-03-17 14:23:07 ET

brendan, i think at 10 there would be overpowering. Unless you're boys are all irish and drunk. then 15 sounds like a good number ;)

sorry to hear there will be no coming of the Ooz (i just love saying his name...Ooz...)...

2005-03-18 03:37:16 ET

thank you all *hugs and kisses*

and it gets worse after that...


2005-03-18 04:32:42 ET

theres me. ( a boy irish and probably drunk ) A 3rd degree blackbelt who I would have to specifically order to incapacitate and not kill and a blue belt who would also need the order to incapacitate and not kill.

I think 15 is a fair number in a random street brawl (all comers vs the Americans)

now if we just happened to start a fight near the embassy and some MP's came out for us.... =p

2005-03-18 06:43:25 ET

drunken irish fighting boys *drools*

i'm sorry sweetie *hugs* why can't he get a visa? and what about if you guys got married at the US embassy?

2005-03-18 09:29:48 ET

they laugh??? thats horrible!!!
next time they do, ask them how many of thier brothers were blown to shit by the U.S. military. stupid turk fucks

2005-03-19 15:42:42 ET

I'm as Mick as they come! And I say that slander with pride!!! Just cut out the middle man and get some black market firearms. Forget the fancy handwork, knives or human lethal weapons!To sum it up...Why bring a knife to a gun fight? I sure could use some more trophies on my leather!

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