2005-04-03 04:26:11 ET


Stuck in Turkey working my ass off.

Must make lots of money to go back to the US.

All motivation has been lost.

Feel so creative, but need a kick in the ass.

Or the taco.

Töbe töbe töbe töbestafhullah!

Crave peauntbutter.

An update is coming soon.

Save our ship -- it's sinking fast full of TOEFL crap.


2005-04-03 10:51:25 ET

Peanut butter is one of the things Americans can never find over seas.

2005-04-03 11:11:01 ET

Peanut butter is sooooo yummy. Is it legal to send some? Cuz I'll send you some!

And no kicks in the taco ... that might hurt!

2005-04-03 16:27:20 ET

u must protect your taco at all costs!for Ooz's sake!

2005-04-04 06:49:57 ET

do they REALLY not have peanut butter? I am NEVER spending an extended period overseas o_0

2005-04-05 01:38:26 ET

Analog: Yeah, something off topic, and something you probably dont care about BUT -- I CAN'T GET TAMPONS WITH APPLICATORS HERE. And as a female, well, applicators are pretty freakin' important! There is one American thing here sold in every store aside from Coca Cola, and that is NESQUIK.

Siren: It is legal to send some, but very very expensive. 80 cents per ounce. And yeah, taco kicks would hurt -- asskicks are ok :)

Klem-meister: Yeah, Oğuz WOULD be pretty sad if he were to come home and find a broken taco!

SS: they REALLY do not have AMERICAN peanut butter. What they have is something called fıstık krem (fıstık means nut, and obviously krem is well, CREAM). It's hazelnut cream. Now, its good if you get the kind that's 85% chocolate and 15% hazelnut, but pure hazelnut is DISGUSTING. I realize that hazelnuts are the delicacy in the US, but oh my god EVERYTHING has hazelnut here. I miss PEANUTS. I want some of those spicy Planter's peanuts... and reeses pb cups, and a GOOD snickers -- they have snickers here, but they're disgusting.

If you ever come visit me, please bring me LOTS -- chunky and creamy. I'll give you lots of baklava and chocolate cream (which is AWESOME).


2005-04-05 12:55:01 ET

Hazelnut cream (at least Nutella) is pretty awesome.

2005-04-06 09:57:48 ET

you know NUTELLA?!?!? Is yours plain hazelnut or hazelnut/chocolate?!?!?!

I used to LOVE plain hazelnut until I realized that Turks eat it with EVERYTHING. EV-RY-THING. Whats for a snack? plain hazelnut cream. What's for dessert? plain hazelnut cream. What's for lunch? plain hazelnut cream. And dinner? There's gonna be some kinda stirfry with hazelnut cream donchya know??? :)

So what kind is yours???


2005-04-06 16:34:48 ET

Hazelnut Chocolate =)

I love Nutella. It's one of my favourite things. I sometimes crave it. And I've been known to clean apartments for a jar of it.

2005-04-07 09:23:53 ET

LOL me too! I used to eat Snickers when I had PMS, but now its Nutella.


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