2005-04-26 00:24:33 ET

İlter'in düğne gittim (Türk arkadaşım...)
Çok içtim.
Oğuz çok güzel göreniyordu!
Resimlerim burda! :D :D :D

Translation (with PICTURES!):
I went to Ilter's wedding (my Turkish friend from work who married an incredibly smart Brit)! I got tipsy and didnt know it (poor, poor Oğuz)...

My Oğuz looked so handsome (ew BKT looks like shit!)...

And I just wanted to show it! :)

And I also wanted to ask everybody about a certain phenomina Ive recognized as far as weight gain/loss goes. I gain weight, my midrif gets bigger, my face gets smaller. I lose weight, I have a nice tummy and a fat face -- WHAT THE HELL?!? I have a nice midrif now, and a monster second chiN!!!

Anybody care to elaborate??


2005-04-26 02:06:15 ET

the camera doesn't do u justice! Ooz also looks very professional in pics...

2005-04-26 04:40:33 ET

LOL I don't know!

I know that theres no way to work out your face muscles the same way you work out your tummy.

heh very nice pix

2005-04-26 07:45:34 ET

i just ... am weird. i gain weight in my face, but my jeans are the same, or they get smaller, and i look thinner, but i've gained weight.

(its probably the whole "i'm female, i retain fluid" thing. i gain 10 pounds when its THAT time of the month...and then i lose like 15 the next week. RIDICULOUS.)

2005-04-27 06:01:05 ET

Klem-meister: Oğuz and I give you a real big TEŞEKKÜR EDERİM (thank you :))

SS: Welcome back from Florida! :) Yeah, I dont know either! Its so strange to me lol. I started some face exercises, but they only made my face BIGGER! Im about to post a new pic.

Minky: I do the SAME THING! My first 5 months here
thats all I did -- get a bad period and then when it was done be a whole freaking lot lighter -- strange. Extremely strange. But hey Im not complaining. An idea -- maybe its from the loss of blood?...

2005-04-27 06:14:13 ET

no idea. just drink a ton of water, it sometimes helps.

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