a new picture is coming!
2005-04-27 06:02:47 ET




the new picture came!!!!

This is from an expensive party that Ošuz's friends threw. It was ok, but innessicairly expensive if you ask me. The wine wasnt even that good. Anyways, it was ok -- totally NOT as fun as Ilter's wedding, but you know, still fun :)


2005-04-27 06:41:01 ET

i think i totally have that same shirt! little pink roses all over it? from lb? :)

2005-04-27 06:41:53 ET

YEAH! That be it!!! yay for the same clothes!!! :-D


2005-04-27 06:46:03 ET

hahaha, awesome!

2005-04-27 14:28:03 ET

Ooz has the serious face on. Go you 2!

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