2005-05-06 09:36:28 ET

5 second update.

I found out my roommate is a (real) whore. Works a corner and everything. So guess who's moving out tomorrow and has none of her stuff packed? Me.

Oh, and there's no electric. She flipped out on ME because the bill didnt come.

BEHİYE SİKİM. -- for SubSonik -- another use of the word "fuck" in Turkish.

Stupid, fucking, rotten, loose, whore.

That's all for now -- if I keep going, I might be inspired to put plastic explosives under her bed. Whore.

*wants to kick her*


2005-05-06 09:38:04 ET

LOL I got a mention but it's a not eon how to say fuck. thanks, I think

*hugs* kill the skank

2005-05-06 09:41:01 ET

This is SO going to be written in my book.

Chapter 5 -- Öröspücüm/My little whore.

If the skank werent friends *ahem FUCK BUDDIES* with the police, I would, and thanks :)

ps - Behiye sikim. I fuck Behiye up.

2005-05-06 09:50:55 ET

LOL ahhhh police corruption. sweet.

2005-05-06 10:22:28 ET

u could always make tapes of the sessions and sell them. or blackmail the police with them. there u go.

2005-05-06 10:24:11 ET

.... If you blackmail a crooked cop in turkey you are most likely to

A) Be awarded by the government for your integrity
B) Be intimidated into shutting the fuck up or
C) Be found dead in a ditch with nothing but a token investigation into your death and violation

2005-05-06 10:24:36 ET

damn it. just like Boston cops eh bredan?

2005-05-06 10:25:29 ET

only the ones that worked for James.

2005-05-06 10:28:05 ET


2005-05-06 10:29:36 ET

yeah. never blackmail the mob. EVER

2005-05-06 10:40:27 ET

yeah that sounds like a bullet in the brain wish.

2005-05-07 11:45:09 ET

Whores on street corners gone wild you say? A huge hit on E-bay!

2005-05-08 21:17:14 ET

THANKS GUYS! Youve all made me laugh and feel TONS better. The good news is a have FLED the apartment, and I swear to God that if the stupid skank comes to my work, Im going to throw her from my 8th floor office window by her big whorey nose.

that's all :)


2005-05-08 22:06:21 ET

big whorey nose? where do u come up with this...

2005-05-09 00:15:36 ET


When you're living in the middle of an extremely strange culture with double tea pots, verbs that end in "mek" and "mak", a favourite national meal called "Alexander", watered down yogurt with salt to drink (the name is ayran), and everybody's name is Ahmet, Mehmet, and Mustafa.... well.... you're bound to come up with some extremely strange things.

2005-05-09 01:03:27 ET

And I thought I had some bad roommates....

2005-05-09 04:38:04 ET



oooh ho ho hoo *shudders


... sorry LOL

2005-05-13 21:47:35 ET

analog: I swear to God nothing is as bad as this skank. I hope she gets hit by a really big friggin kamyon!

SS: LMAO -- moooooooostaaaaaaaaaaaaaafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

2005-05-16 05:17:37 ET

wtf is a kamyon? a Kamyonero?

2005-05-19 21:33:08 ET

oops forgot the translation again!

kamyon = TRUCK in Turkish.

O zaman (so), I hope the fucking skank gets run over by a really big friggin TRUCK!


2005-05-20 05:33:57 ET


glad we're here to keep you speaking english =p

2005-05-20 06:05:21 ET

i tell bredan, one day we'll read her entries and it'll will be in broken languages, part turkish, part french, part made up, part that UN language. and we'll all be saying, wow, this is what happens when a linguist goes insane. and we'll take another sip of our coke/pepsi product. lol

2005-05-20 06:07:02 ET

I think it will be hilarious when she starts posting in some Pidgin english/turkish.

2005-05-20 06:08:55 ET

it will be!

2005-05-25 03:39:18 ET

LMAO :) You guys rock <3 I've been SO stressed. SO incredibly stressed and well, hasiktir! (holy fuck) İşte bu! (Here it is) SS and Klemmy have come to save the day *trumpets*.


you know I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day, and instead of "seriously" I said "gerçekten" and for "like" I said "gibi... yani". Tanrım! (My God!) Im in America in August-- what the hell am I gonna do?? Im seriously AFRAID of speaking to people. My accent is all screwy too. I sound like a British turtle!

2005-05-25 05:47:05 ET

a british turtle? I was unaware that turtles had accents

2005-05-25 14:16:37 ET

i was unaware they made any noise cept for a odd snarl.

2005-05-26 09:57:11 ET

Maybe I just sound like a snarling Brit trying to sound American??? Im gonna try and post a clip sometime!

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