hello :)
2005-06-04 03:35:17 ET

WEll, hi guys.

I am so busy. Im so worried. Im scared too.

Working right now, have no time -- here's the DL:

*need to get an apartment, working like a dog
*promised (again) to have the TOEFL program finished... havent started as much as I should.
*the red sea, well, it has NOT parted and Ive got PMS like Hillary Clinton.
*my class is about to start and I dont want it to. I dont want to teach today, I want to lay in bed, but I MUST teach.
*leaving for Pittsburgh on the 1st of August or so, coming back on the 24th or so. NEED TO GET AN APARTMENT BEFORE I LEAVE. Which reminds me, buy the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.
*Ošuz leaves on the 10th for Cappidocia. With French girls. Sexy little French girls -- not plus-size like me. Teeny tiny model ones with small feet and a sexy accent. I do NOT want what happened with Ošuz last year to happen again... More on THIS topic later. It's QUITE interesting.



2005-06-04 12:08:39 ET

Ah, I was just thinking about your menstrel situation. I was real worried after not hearing anything about it in months. Fun times!

2005-06-04 12:17:55 ET

sexy french girls u say....interesting ::strokes goatee:: u could jsut put a chasity belt on him.

2005-06-04 12:24:28 ET

Says, whats he doing leaving for france or whatever?

2005-06-04 12:26:31 ET

he must free them from their pastries and demand that they join the EU!!!

2005-06-07 21:22:52 ET

well guys, he's not going to france -- he's a tourguide for French people that visit Cappidocia, and I trust him. I just dont trust the French girls. AT ALL. Somebody tried to put the moves on him last year (unsuccessfully -- thank god), and I am SO ready to kick some frenchie eiffel tower humping ASS if as so much as a finger is laid on that boy. HE IS MINE!

Chastity belt, now THAT sounds like a good idea :)

The good news is my period is over -- AND MY KITTY IS PREGNANT!


2005-06-08 01:01:23 ET

i had this whole thing of advice to give u about men and fuller figured women...oh yeah i remember now. i was at this party at Lacey's cousin or something or others. anyways, tons of hot skinny, teenage girls. Lil klemmy slept. lacey barely touched me, BAM he woke up. so the moral of this story is, men aren't always turned on completely by hot skinny chicks.

2005-06-09 22:42:55 ET

I hope not -- cuz Im definately curvy. I want to lose more weight, but so far its not worked... Ive plateued.


I want to make an SK meet at my house -- is that possible????

2005-06-10 03:32:52 ET

it is possible. but the better question is, can anyone get out to Turkey?

2005-06-13 02:18:57 ET

lol no no no. In August when I come home to PITTSBURGH!!! :-D

2005-06-13 13:46:03 ET

hmmm u'll have to check with the East coasters.

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