2005-06-13 02:54:35 ET

Dikkat: Bu YAZMA sonrada kızı PATLACAK.

Attention: Girl will EXPLODE upon posting this ENTRY.

So, lots and lots of news. The first news of the day is this: FRIDAY, OĞUZ GOT HIS PASSPORT! YEAH BABY!!! That finishes step 1 of step 1,531...

So today is Oğuz's graduation ceremony. He asked me to go, and (of course!) I said ok. I asked him what time, for weeks he said he didnt konw definately. "Bec, come at 2 or 3:30". So I come at 2 like he says, he hands me my camera and is like "see you an hour and a half later". What the hell? I cancelled all my classes today for this, right? He fails to tell me that he has class at 2 and he was only going to give me my camera to load the film (1.5 hours to load a roll of film?). So anyways, Im not upset. He REALLY needs to work on explaining things quickly and accurately. It's not his English, it's because he's a male who doesnt hang out with too many girls (actually, Im the only one).

And my fucking back is killing me. it's a little bit above my lower back -- something is jammed and has been needing to pop for about 4 days now, and no matter what I do it hurts. The only thing Ive done wrong is not sleep enough. Really, that's it. I gottta work on that, but my roommate Sinem has just broken up with her best friend of 12 years, and she doesnt really have alot of friends and her parents are on vacation and I dont wanna leave her alone -- she would probably feel REALLY bad.

So anyways, that's the update. And you guys, I seriously wanna have an SK meet at my house in August. I'm a Pittsburgher (kinda looks like cheesburger Im hungry). Im home from the 2nd until the 24th. So all in favor say I or PM me OR, because I trust you people, you could call me. 90-538-550-91-15


2005-06-13 13:49:18 ET

tempted to call u can say, "DO YOU LIKE SCARY MOVIES?" only to then laugh my ass off.

it's great that you're being a great friend to your roommate.

2005-06-17 04:35:03 ET

My dad already did that -- but he learned how to say it in Turkish: KORKUNÇ FİLMLERİ SEVİYOR MUSUN????

Thanks :) She's leaving for vacation on Sunday with the bf :( But that's less temptation for me to go out and go shopping with her -- I get more time to focus on working :)

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