2005-09-07 03:09:56 ET

Well, it's finally time for a real update. Things have been REALLY crazy here.

I was planning to go home in August. WEll, August has come and gone -- along with the ticket money that I used to get a new house. And now, I am going by myself in December for Christmas (BY MYSELF...). No Oğuz. It's virtually impossible, and my family will have to wait longer to meet the love of my life. Herşey Tanrımız'dan.

The new bitch of an English teacher finally left the teacher's lounge and I can finish this openly without having to be all like "tee-hee Im fine thanks and you, tee-hee oh how lovely congradulations super slut tee-hee"

Oh no she's BACK!.........................



<3 and I hope everybody else is ok too! :)

2005-09-07 07:08:18 ET

u kno, you keep bating me with this Dirty Librarian Story.

2005-09-07 09:14:30 ET

hahaha I want the dirty librarian story!

glad to hear from you!

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