2005-10-22 11:53:53 ET

New colors -- now I gotta go.

The quick update: new job = totally YES! http://www.englishclub.com.tr -- I work here. Its winter here and I have no gas. I'm super busy. Oguz is unemployed and depressed about it (uff ya yeter geç hayatınla!). I leave for AMERICA in 2 MONTHS!!! I forgot a good friend's birthday.

I was hit on by a lesbian, Turkish LIBRARIAN.....

more to come.

And this time, I REALLY REALLY promise.


2005-10-22 18:11:33 ET

yeah you're a tease though "real update I swear!" and we get a new colos scheme! forrr shaaaaaamee

2005-11-15 07:43:23 ET

u keep buildubg abd building with this story of the turkish librarian. we want MORE!!!!

2006-05-04 07:06:08 ET


man I hope she's allright

2006-05-04 11:50:32 ET

yeah i wonder what's going on.

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