2005-04-26 07:40:49 ET
holy crap I havent posted in forever and fourhundred years!
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anywhooooooo I am in school for 10 more days (when you add in weekends, days off, and half days, it's 28, but phsa) wow, Im boring. exciting yet sad news, bright eyes is coming this week and they sold out within hours of the booking. also, prom is this week. I made my own gown and it is pretty. I like stars and books. I have no idea what I am going to do once I graduate. I don't have a job, I finally got my car back and I havent applied for college yet but, eh, I'll get over it. faith finds ways and all that such. ha. my mother. she doesnt know any of the above, I find it kind of funny. ooh, class bell!

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