2005-10-01 17:13:33 ET

I feel awesome! I really wish I could do something about all of my hs buddies being down, but they are too far away to feel the good vibrations coming thier way.

on another note, I went to a friends house the other day to watch a porn that was supposed to be quite funny. There were about ten people watching with us and it was mostly funny until (and tell me if you've seen or even heard of this) a man performing cunnilingus spit a lougie into a womans vagina and then licked it back up. EWW! oh god it made me throw up, that is quite possibly the most horrible sex act ever commited, he should be arrested

2005-10-01 17:16:50 ET

She probably wasn't very aroused. Don't ask why I guess that *looks shifty*

2005-12-09 12:26:37 ET

Yeah, I'd agree with PD. But uh... a loogie? Eww!

2005-12-12 06:46:16 ET

I've heard of spitting, and the use of oral sex for lubrication, but he was having sex with her, pulled out, spat, and continued. she made a face

2005-12-14 21:57:45 ET

Can you blame her? Eww.

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