2005-12-09 08:02:25 ET


one of my biggest fears is jets, moreso military bombers and such, but airplanes arent very pleasant either. Im sure you've shared this expirience: You are driving or walking around near the airport and you see a plane landing, and it seems like its far too low. You freak out at first, but then rationalize that it isnt going to crash. This article is this fear realized by a bunch of people in chicago. look at the title picture, the person in that jeep had to be thinking "wow, that plane looks like its coming right for me.... oh fuckballs!" I would be scarred forever and ever. I already have irrational fears, I dont need affirmation that bad things DO happen

2005-12-09 08:12:15 ET

ray and his wife saw it happen, they were coming home from grocery shopping.

2005-12-12 06:44:57 ET

I would be damaged... more damaged, I suppose

2005-12-12 07:56:17 ET

why do you think you're damaged ?

2005-12-19 12:37:56 ET

because Im afraid of planes in the first place...

airshows make me cry

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