2006-02-05 13:48:46 ET

this is a strange question, I know, but does anyone on here have any pictures of me? I would like to put them back up in my gallery. I would prefer respectable pictures... 16 yr old me was a stupid bitch. thank you.

2006-02-05 16:22:02 ET

sadly I only have pics of the stupid bitch.

2006-02-08 19:26:50 ET

is she naked? if not send em' on.

2006-02-08 21:57:52 ET

they're in the c springs. next time I'm home, I'll see what I can do.

2006-03-10 17:41:57 ET


2006-03-14 18:20:57 ET

what what? I need pictures of me. I used to allow my very bestest guy friends pictures of myself without a shirt. It was foolish and I would prefer not to remember it. So, pretty pictures only.

2006-05-21 18:15:56 ET

2006-05-31 18:06:52 ET

see, just like that. Im hot.

2006-06-06 02:37:03 ET

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