tonight they murdered miracles.
2006-07-11 11:06:47 ET

above is the name of a book or song I may or may not ever write.

yesterday was a terrible day. In the aftermath, all I feel is tired.

I got a new phone yesterday and we went to see pirates of the carribean ( sounds awful, right?) however, I also went to see a long lost friend only to find out that he fucked someone else and really ended up fucking himself. stupid kid. Then we had to enjoy an evening with the santa clause of unused things which kept us up past two giving mark four and a half hours of sleep. hooray. now that this smoking ban is in effect, I want to be a smoker so I can have more idiotic shit to bitch about.

2006-07-11 11:14:19 ET

they murdered miracles = local screaming band.

do you still have access to the heroin song??

where the fuck were you for the right aways cd release?

2006-07-11 15:19:07 ET

working, like a lamer. I saw adam(?) and Abe at the mall the day before and swore I would be there too. I was held late because people don't know how to do thier fucking jobs.


I know, I saw it on the blacksheep tonight: they murdered miracles. I like it as one whole statement though.

2006-07-11 18:45:50 ET

the I don't do heroin song... by you bastard maybe?

and that's way lame. it was a good show. I fucking love abraham.

2006-07-11 18:59:31 ET

yeah, I will definately be at the next one. Even if I have to put in a time off request

2006-07-11 20:35:08 ET

haha thats what I did. where are you working now and are you going to summer of ska on monday?

2006-07-12 09:39:54 ET

both village inn and taco bell. I was unaware of such an event... do explain

2006-07-12 09:57:21 ET

voodoo glow skulls, catch 22, suburban legends black sheep monday.

which village inn?

2006-07-12 10:11:28 ET

chapel,monday, july 00??

2006-07-12 10:40:25 ET

chapel?? monday the 17th, as in 5 days from now

2006-07-12 10:51:31 ET

chapel hills mall. They were the only one hiring. yeah, Ill see if I can't be there.

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